Monday, March 28, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The United Nations doesn't get it.

The European Union doesn't get it either nor does the United States of America. 

None of them do although it's as obvious as the Hebron Massacre, the Holocaust and the Argentine explosion that wiped out Jews.

We don't want to kill them; they want to kill us; always have and always will. 

That's part and parcel of militant Islam's blueprint, no more, no less. Kill Jews; wipe Israel off the map.

In the most simplistic -- yet realistic -- way it helps explain why the next Arab-Israel war will happen or, if you will, has happened already. The mortars and rocket missiles that regularly fall in Israel are not make-believe but they are getting bigger and more lethal. 

Except that the United Nations doesn't think so; nor does its peace-process-pushing EU nor Barack Obama for that matter. If they really cared they would do more than wring their hands and turn the other way while another barrage is launched from Gaza.

With Iran's blessings, Hamas sanctions rocket and mortar assaults that have reached as far north as the city of Ashdod and soon could conceivably reach the geographic heart of Israel. 

Does the UN get it?

Nah, and the proof is in its abject inaction. Does the EU care?Nah, it just yawns. Uncle Sam? Forget about him. 

Think about it, the truce engineered by America, the EU and UN following Operation Cast Lead was supposed to result in a cross-border peace.

Some peace.

Yet when the rockets sail into Israel, the UN, EU, White House and all the assorted pseudo-peacemakers react as if the Jew-killing explosives never explode. 

Judging by Obama's view of Israel, you would think that every time a Jewish home is built in Judea and Samaria, it sets off time-bombs in Tehran, Gaza City, and all points East and West in the Arab world. 

That's how skewed, how backward the view of Israel from the White House of the Chief Executive Muslim, or Parliament in London or the clowns of Paris.

How could Benyamin Netanyahu possibly trust the British to be even-handed in any potential peace parley? Not after England's long history of anti-semitism right from the infamous pre-World War II White Paper to the present biased behavior against the Middle East's only democracy.

And the French? Check out details behind Vichy's treatment of its Jews after the Nazi invasion of France and you'll find that the supposedly savoir faire francophones were as despicable in their treatment of haven-seaking Jews as were the Germans.

Pray, is there a single European country to be trusted when it comes to mediating an Arab-Israeli peace pact? You'd have a better chance of finding a needle in a haystack.

Even if such a Utopian find were made, does anyone think there's a nation in the civilized world capable of extracting compassion for the Jewish plight. Does the massacre of 6,000,000 Jews have no meaning at all in European capitals or is it best forgotten by the EU membership? 

At one time in the dim, distant past one might have suggested that Uncle Sam could mediate a permanent Arab-Israeli peace agreement. That was before Americans elected a president whose Muslim background is so ingrained in his mind that his sense of Israel seems to have been crafted in Ramallah rather than on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

This is the president who views a trip to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv -- and we should only hope -- Sderot as glowingly as a voyage to Hades. Some ally! Never even a thought about setting foot on Israeli soil.

Writing in the New York Post, Middle East commentator Richard Lowry pinpointed the futility of expecting anything positive from lObama or his Arab cohorts.

"Obama came into office ready to deploy his charm and fulfill the millennial promise of the peace process once and for all," asserts Lowry. "He couldn't even get the Palestinians to sit down to negotiate with the Israelis, in an unintended 'reset' to the situation decades ago."

He couldn't get them to sit down to negotiate because the Arabs don't want to talk genuine peace because that would negate their goal of eliminating Israel as we know it today.

And judging by the reaction of the UN, EU and the USA to the constant Hamas-directed bombing of Israel, the anger of our "Allies" only surfaces when Jewish apartments are built in the West Bank!

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  1. It shames me to be Swedish when I look at all the anti-semitism that flows through this country's veins. After a decade of anti-semitic hatecrimes in Malmö the politicians have finally opened a "understanding center" where hatecrimes will be discussed.
    It disgust me that something like anti-semitism will be "discussed" in the same way that trafic problems is discussed.
    What we need is action against those who support and commit anti-semitic hatecrimes. What is needed is a pair of handcuffs and a nice concrete cell for every offender.

    The situation in Malmö is this: Jews are forced to move away from their homes (mainly to other cities), Israel-friendly groups can not have peacerallys in support for Israel without beeing attacked by "left-wing" activists (the "left-wing" in Sweden is flirting with militant islam, this while flying the banner of peace, equality and understanding).

    It makes me sick to see what we are turning in to here in the backwater of Europe. It makes me sick that Jews and Israel-friends are persecuted in the streets of Swedens third largest city. It makes me sick that people in our parlament supports Hamas, Ship to Ghaza and other "peace-activists" whose sole purpose is to demonize Israel (defacto: Jews) in the eyes of the world.

    My heart and thoughts are with the Israeli people. And know that there still are people who spread the history that must be told (even in Sweden).