Tuesday, April 5, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

In sports, they often say that "Turnabout is fair play."

But when it comes to Judge Goldstone's turnabout, it's the most grievous case of unfair play.

How much his admission of writing a faulty report "helps" Israel is as irrelevant as last year's playground basketball score.

The egregious sin the South African committed is irreversible, irreconcilable and infamous.

If December 7, 1941 was, as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, notoriously noted, "A day that will live in infamy," then Goldstone's latest gambit turns his report into "A document that will live in infamy." No more; no less!

The hope -- idealistic though it may be -- is that the United Nations will soon receive from Goldstone a more detailed denunciation of his report that was slyly passed off in a op-ed piece of all things. This, mind you, from a jurist who surely knew that by placing it in a newspaper column hardly was a sufficient recantation of his original position.

Not that even a detailed submission to the UN would do Israel any good.

Then again, is there anything that the so-called "world body" does vis-a-vis Israel which can be construed as fair to the Middle East's only democracy.

Nobody puts it better about UN hypocrisy toward Israel better than Moshe Arens.

"The attitude toward Israel by the United Nations," declares the respected Israeli leader, "the constant criticism of Israel's policies, and the threats of condemnation and sanctions represent another example of hypocrisy running wild.
"Rubbing shoulders with the worst of dictators while castigating democratic Israel has become the fashion."

Then again the above statement fits Barack Obama like a finely-tailored suit.

The White House has been consorting with Arab dictators ever since the American president did his first sycophant act in Cairo in his first futile attempt to woo militant Islam to his side.
And to prove that Uncle Sam's Muslim president still doesn't get it, he's still appeasing the very terrorists that would destroy America as they wasted the World Trade Center.

If you doubt me, take a gander at Bill Bennett's new book, "The Fight Of Our Lives."

A former cabinet member of Ronald Reagan's administration, Bennett rightly castigates Obama for the Chief Executive's failure to warn the American public about the dangers that Islamic extremism poses. Bennett's point is right-on; the President is afraid of offending Muslims.

"There is a problem with radical Islam," says Bennett, "and it need to be stated plainly and simply. Obama's strategy seems to be so far, we'll muddle through, we'll dither, we'll maybe do the right thing occasionally but maybe too late and we want to be sure no one thinks that we think we're anything special."

Based on his biased behavior, Obama seems more intent on keeping Jews from building apartments in Judea and Samaria than he is when it comes to confronting Muslims who would destroy American in the manner of 9/ll.

Bennett: "Right now in the world at large, three of the major leaders of al-Qaida in the world were either born or raised in the United States of America and that's frightening. We nurtured three leaders of al-Qaida international."

I am waiting for the day that Obama zeroes in on that issue.

Based on his past record, he'll respond in kind about the time that the UN's attitude toward Israel becomes fair-minded and when Goldstone goes to the United Nations and tells that body straightforwardly that his report was, in truth, a sham full of lies!

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