Saturday, April 23, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Small Israeli diplomatic victories of late must be used as a rallying point for a major battle on the horizon.

Omar Barghouti and his organization, BDS, are planning a major protest this May to coincide with the AIPAC conference and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech there.

However, while planning to continue their smear and disinformation tactics, Barghouti and the B.D.S are scared, very scared.

Why? Because they know better than anyone else that the facts are against them.

The Boycott, Sanction and Divestment group survives today only because they can feed on the naive and misinformed and because their tactics (like the Brownshirts of Germany) are violent enough to scare others into submission.

This is changing.

The Israeli BUYCOTT movement has defeated the BDS on numerous fronts. The Pro-Israel movement is gaining in strength by getting the truth out to those misinformed by the haters of Jewish self-determination.

But this is not enough. It is high time that Israel and her supporters meet Barghouti and his crew head on.

We need to score a major and lasting blow.

We need a diplomatic and political Battle of Yorktown and BDS has offered this up to us.

It’s difficult to figure out how the usually silky smooth liars over at BDS made this mistake, but they actually planned to have the retired journalist Helen Thomas as a keynote speaker for their BROWNSHIRT rally!

Thomas, 80-plus years old, was long the leading lady of the Washington, D.C., press corps, a career that required at least a semblance of objectivity. But since her enforced “retirement,” Thomas, of Lebanese descent, has decided to show her true bigoted, twisted colors. Helen has ranted such tasty morsels as “the Jews are running the U.S.,” and “the Jews should go back to Europe, where they came from.”

Then, just in time to save their outward appearance, someone in the BDS was smart enough to realize that having the Duchess of Jew Hatred as a keynote speaker would expose the BDS for what they truly are, racists and anti-Semites.

So Twisted Tongue Thomas will not be there for a showdown, but the rest of the people who hate Jewish SELF-DETERMINATION will be.

Those who love and support Israel need to meet these political terrorists on the street in the thousands or hundreds of thousands.


The Foreign Ministry of Israel needs to immediately start working with Pro-Israel NGOs, grass-roots supporters and bloggers to motivate this counter protest.

It cannot stop there. Israel and her supporters should use a tactic of the Palestinian camp: encourage people to take time off of work to support Israel; then bus them in by the thousands, to the counterprotest. However, knowing that BDS and compatriots can be prone to violence, it would be wise for the pro-Israel camp to set up appropriate safety measures.

Omar Barghouti will be there spouting his usual garbage, and a recent quote of his can easily be used against him the minute he opens his mouth.

"Apartheid is not defined according to whims of this or that scholar. Apartheid is when the discrimination is legalized. Now there are commissions to accept new residents into communities. Imagine an Irish white guy saying: 'We don't accept this Latino guy, his food smells funny, he doesn't fit.' But in Israel now it's legal.

Yes, there are communities in Israel where people are tested and interviewed -- just like Co-ops or Condos in America. However, If a family or person is not accepted, it is not because of race, religion or ethnicity as Mr. Barghouti would like you to believe. Redlining or racism of any sort is as illegal in Israel as it is anywhere in the States.

Just for starters, it should be pointed out that the ONLY apartment in Haifa successfully destroyed by Hezbollah’s rockets in the Lebanese conflict of 2006, was occupied by an Arab woman!

More than anything Israel and her supporters need to get Omar Barghouti to explain why selling land to a Jew under the supposedly moderate Palestinian Authority carries the death penalty? After that Mr. Barghouti to explain why it is illegal for Jews to own land in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The goal of our FREEDOM PROTEST is to defend Israel and Americans from the lies of the BIG OIL-backed anti-Israel, anti-democracy movement.

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