Thursday, April 7, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Have you ever experienced the blast of a 122mm shell when it hits the earth? Sadly most of the world condemning Israel have no concept of what an artillery shell can do; they also have no concept of what Israel is capable of, militarily.

Ignorance of military hardware and a military’s capability becomes a major problem when you ignorantly wish to call Israel a country that is committing “ethnic cleansing.”

I have experienced and survived a car bomb in Jerusalem. I was half a block away at an ATM machine when the car exploded in the neighborhood of Talpiyot. The car the bomb was in was -- luckily for me -- up against a retaining wall and next to but not on a major thoroughfare. The bomb was still powerful enough to hurl me through the air into the ATM machine.

The bomb I survived in Jerusalem is nothing in comparison to an artillery shell.

If Israel actually chose to commit ethnic cleansing either on Gaza or the West Bank, there is nothing Hamas or the PA could do. The IDF, which has the best artillery gunners in the world, could flatten Gaza without sending in a single soldier. The fact is, we would never do to the Palestinians what Arab leaders do to their own citizens.

Same goes for the inaccurate lies about white phosphorus being intentionally used against civilians in Gaza.

I will repeat it, the IDF artillery gunners are the best in the world.

If they wanted to actually use white phosphorus strictly as a weapon, the videos and pictures the world saw on media outlets would have shown the shells exploding much lower instead of high up in the air as was clearly seen.

This again has to do with the complete lack of military knowledge on the side of the general public. They do not know that a great gunner can time a shell to explode literally right above the ground, which would be the best result, if you wanted to use white phosphorus as a weapon.

This is not the public’s fault: we cannot expect the general public to seek information or search for the facts; it is far easier to believe what is beamed into your head.

It is the fault of organizations like CNN, BBC and other media organizations that have been totally bought off by the Arabs and insidiously attack Israel, no matter what.

All one needs do is watch CNN or the BBC: the commercials they run will show who is really running the show: virtually nothing but Arab-owned and/or run companies advertising.

This is why they have a very clear, malicious, anti-Israel (meaning anti-Semitic) sentiment.

The same goes for the New York Times. This newspaper has been run by fervently self-hating Jews since Arthur Hays Sulzburger. The latest example of this was the Times refusing to publish an opinion article by Richard Goldstone retracting his statements of Israel committing war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide in Gaza. Richard Goldstone is only important to the Times if he is speaking perniciously against Israel.

CNN, BBC, the Times and other organizations which claim to be objective or centrist will also go out of their way to blame Israel for the outcome of the Goldstone Report, claiming that if Israel had only worked with the UN team led by Goldstone the outcome would have been different.

This is nothing more than a load of garbage. The United Nations has proven itself in general to be incapable of protecting true human rights or condemning the true perpetrators of crimes against humanity and genocide. Furthermore, the UN is run by the same oil-wielding Arab nations who have tried so hard to destroy Jewish self- determination. Asking Israel to work with the UN team is the same as asking a woman who has been raped to work with the man who raped her.

Speaking of rape, the Palestinians, the UN and the EU appear to think Israel is going to passively accept yet another attempted rape of the Jewish nation. That is the sole intention of the delegitimization of Israel, the Pro-Arab stance of Europe and the UN: to rape the Jews yet again.

Today’s colonialist empires -- the Arab/Muslim front, Iran, EU and UN -- like their predecessors, the Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, Arab/Muslims and Crusaders -- seek to weaken Israel and destroy her.

Working along with these anti-semitic institutions are many modern day Hellenistic or Romanized Jews -- only today we call them self-Hating Jews. They, like their masters, will do anything to make Israel look bad so they can fit in -- just as the Hellenistic and Roman Jews of old did.

Those who make the mistaken claim that Zionism (Jewish self-determination in our land) is a new concept born out of the 19th and early 20th centuries are dead wrong. We Jews have been saying “Next year in Jerusalem” since long before the birth of Mohammad.

It makes no difference how they come: anarchists, left wingers, right wingers, conservatives and liberals; those who stand against Israel are nothing more than anti-semites.

These days are indeed dark, but our nation has faced dark times at many points in her history. The Jewish Nation has faced these times before and we are still here in our homeland. We are facing some of the most heinous anti-semites we have faced, but we will prevail ... as the Hebrew, Israelite and Jewish nation always has.



  2. This was one of your better pieces. I still think Israel as a nation along with their actions (coming from a multicultural parliament) should be viewed separately and in no relation to antisemitism. Which I see as anti Jewish. Correct me if I'm wrong. It is a Jewish state after all.