Saturday, April 23, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The "Peace Process" merry-go-round is circling again, making as little sense as a carnival barker peddling snake oil to The Wizard of Oz.

Then again, perhaps it does make "sense" to those who envision the eventual annihilation of Israel.

As sure as we're in the month of April, any "Peace Process" involving Mahmoud Abbas and his cohorts virtually guarantees that Israel will wind up in big trouble whether the PP is orchestrated by Uncle Sam, the European Union or any of the so-called sanctimonious publicity-seekers who either are trying to rewrite reality or simply cannot understand what's really going on in the Arab mind.

And that is, let's wipe out the Middle East's only democracy one way or another. In the Arab mind, a phony "Peace Process" is a good way to start.

Once again Barack Obama, who does not seem to know what he's doing vis-a-vis Egypt, Libya, Afghanistan nor his own United States, is climbing on the "Peace Process" bandwagon once again. Which proves that the man in the White House never learns.

Peace, in the truest sense of the word, hardly is the issue here. Obama, who has yet to even set foot in Israel, should know that but doesn't really care. (By their works shall ye know them.)

Israel has been striving for the elusive peace ever since the nation was created in 1948.

From its very beginning the Jewish State has been surrounded by enemies -- they are foes because they quite simply hate Jews -- and regularly are attacked by them over and over again.

Each time Israel repelled its foes, it offered peace. In return, it received the 1967 Six Day War, the 1973 Yom Kippur War, ad nauseum.

Interestingly, only two Arab nations ever have accepted -- although rather reluctantly -- Israel's glad hand.

Egypt did so after its forces were slapped down again in 1973. Anwar Sadat eventually realized that a return of the Sinai Peninsula was worth putting his name on a peace pact. (And you know what happened to him!)

Likewise, Jordan's King Hussein forfeited Judea and Samaria -- alias the West Bank -- to Arabs who called themselves Palestinians.

As it happened, the "peace" with both Egypt and Jordan evolved into an ugly one.

Hate-Israel campaigns were woven into Hosni Mubarak's regime. Until the recent Egyptian uprising, Jew-hating under Mubarak was sanctioned in print and on radio and television; not to mention other hate-filled forums. (Guaranteed that it will get worse under the new "liberators.")

Jordan has been no bargain either but the hostility under Hussein merely was muted in comparison to the Egyptian variety.

What Israel received from its only two "peace" treaties has been nothing more than a political confection; roughly equivalent to milk chocolate on the outside and iodine underneath. Middle East analyst Avi Perry is one who fully understands the situation then and now.

"The two 'friendly' Arab neighbors continued their broad anti-semitism campaigns through their government-controlled media and via their government-controlled education system," notes Perry. "They participated actively in anti-Israel political maneuvering in international forums, including the UN, and limited their commercial ties with the Jewish State to a minimum."

It is vital that Benyamin Netanyahu be fully aware of past events as they relate to the present and future, especially in terms of the certain pressure to be applied by Obama and his henchmen -- plus women named Hillary and another sinister Israel-hater, the American president's senior advisor, Samantha Power.

Exposing Power in a recent Jerusalem Post column, Caroline Glick asserts that during the second Intifada, when Israelis were regularly murdered by both Fatah and Hamas killers, the very same Samantha Power -- in a filmed interview -- urged "mammoth" American military intervention to protect the Palestinians from the Israelis. (How about that; the murderers are to be "protected.")

So much for the support Israel can expect from Obama, Inc. Here are some lessons to be remembered:

* LESSON ONE: ACCEPTANCE OF ISRAEL AS A JEWISH STATE FIRST; TALKS LATER: It would be an egregious error for Bibi to even get close to talks unless -- and until -- the Arabs accept Israel as a Jewish State.

"They (the Arabs) have not reconciled to the fact that Israel exists as a Jewish State," explains Perry. "This reality has been evidenced in Abbas recent public refusal to admit to it, 'Yes, Israel exists,' he confirmed. 'it's fact,' he approved. But he resisted the critical part: 'as a Jewish state."

Since this happens to be the rampant Arab stance, there really is no starting point for negotiations until the entire Abbas-Hamas-Hezbollah contingent change their tune.

* LESSON TWO: SCRUPULOUSLY AVOID BOOMERANG DEALS: Nothing that Netanyahu can offer will satisfy the Arabs short of the geographic rape of Israel. Bibi must reinforce in his brain the Ehud Barak blunder committed at the behest (translated: heavy, heavy pressure) of Bill Clinton before the president not-so-gracefully left the White House.

At a Camp David conference, the then Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak offered Arafat 95 percent of the West Bank, including East Jerusalem; 100 percent of the Gaza Strip, plus a corridor connecting the two detached territories. All Barak wanted in return was a peace treaty.

What Barak got in return was not even a "Thank you" but a full-fledged war against Israeli civilians. (The softer Arab definition was Intifada.)

* LESSON THREE: DEFEND FIRST; TALK LATER: For starters, Israel's Prime Minister must not for a moment be conned into any pre-talks concessions. (See above.) The defense of Israel on all sides, including the Mediterranean Sea, is the first priority. A return to the indefensible 1967 borders is out, O-U-T.

Bibi must ensure that reality is re-written the right way. It would be useful if he presented the following observation to any leader -- Obama or otherwise -- who demands hurtful Israeli concessions.

"A two-state solution," concludes Avi Perry, "is a mirage. It's an illusion borne by western leaders and the world's media. It is a nightmare for sober Israelis who understand the consequences of the so-called peace."

As we have seen over the decades, this "Peace Process" merry-go-round can make an Israeli leader dizzy enough to make crazy, Barak-like concessions.

What's the most sensible modus operandi?

Don't get aboard that merry-go-round until you're absolutely positive that your Israeli safety belt is securely fastened!

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