Friday, July 8, 2011


By Schomel Yitzhak

If it wasn't tragic, it would be laughable.

I'm talking about the latest "flotilla" that has threatened to challenge Israel's blockade of Gaza.

You can add to that tragic-comedy the "flightilla" comprised of pro-Arab radicals softly described by the New York Times as dominated by "middle-aged European pacifists."

They are "Jew-hating Leftists," if you really want to know who they are, and it wouldn't hurt if every last one of them got a therapeutic kick in the pants and a brain replacement.

Really, who do they think they are kidding when they raise their "Free Gaza" placards.

Yes, how about freeing Gaza from the yoke placed on its Arabs by the Hamas terrorists who murdered their own people to cement a hold on the territory.

These sea-going and air-going flotilla-flightilla, pro-Arab radicals who claim to be disciples of peace represent the height of hypocrisy.

Were they genuinely interested in pursuing a humanitarian cause, they would direct their venom East of Israel where the Syrian dictator, Assad, is daily orchestrating the murder of his own people.

Taking the lead from the Obama administration, the flotilla-flightilla leftists pretend that Assad's version of the Gestapo is merely firing paint bombs at the protestors. Yet the freedom fighters in Syrian cities such as Hama are shedding real blood while the White House peaceniks turn away.

Political analyst Barry Rubin hits the bullseye when he cites Uncle Sam's inexplicable moves. On the one hand, America's -- and Israel's -- ally, Hosni Mubarak, was impetuously catapulted into jail while gangster-leaders in Algeria, Sudan, Yemen and, of course, Syria are virtually treated with kid gloves by America.

"What the U.S. government must justify," asserts Rubin, "is why human rights violations in some countries deserve intervention and the same or worse in other countries don't."

The so-called "middle-aged European pacifists" would do well to check out the pacifist nature of militant Islamists who rule Gaza.

Is there anything peaceful about the endless barrage of rockets hurled at Israel from Gaza?

Unfortunately, the Israel-loathing left welcomes any lies spewed by Hamas and other Arab groups dedicated to the destruction of the Middle East's only democracy.

And you can throw in Israel's Quisling Jews headed by B'Tselem, a group purportedly dedicated to protecting human rights in the conquered territories. Writing in the New York Jewish Week, Rabbi Yitz Greenberg and Blu Greenberg reveal that B'Tselem "accepted the Hamas report that more than half the Palestinian casualties in Operation Cast Lead were civilians."

Uncritically, B'Tselem then gave the same misleading numbers to the UN Goldstone Commission which then foolishly believed them and ripped Israel for targeting civilians and committing war crimes. But detailed probes later proved that Hamas' duplicitous claim of 1,400 civilian casualties actually was only 200.

Once the propaganda damage was done to Israel, Goldstone later repudiated the charges of Israel targeting civilians.

"The residue of constantly repeated poisonous portrayals of Israel," Greenberg and Greenberg point out, "are toxic -- especially among academics, university students, the radical left and mass media."

Those "middle-aged European pacifists" studiously avoid the fact that Israel has lost 1,400 victims to terrorists. But the Almagor Terror Victims Association of Israel has not forgotten. Nor has its chief, Meir Indor, who fingers precisely what these "pacifists" have in mind.

"European anti-semitism," says Indor, "is disguised as care for the Palestinians."

The same could be said of the Israel-hating European Union which will cheerfully ignore the fact that four Hezbollah leaders have been indicted by an international tribunal in the assassination in 2005 of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

Come to think of it Obama will do nothing about the Lebanese atrocity either and you don't have be a genius to understand why.

"Obama," explains Rubin, "has no end game, no strategy and absolutely no idea what to do."

Meanwhile, both the flotilla and flightilla movements are foundering for one very good reason -- they're phonies!

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