Thursday, July 21, 2011


By Simon Fischler

For all who believe Israel too strong to be defeated and is here to stay, it is time to wake up to reality.

Militarily Israel may well be the strongest she has ever been. Today no Arab or Muslim (Iran) state would start a war without taking a long time to think about the harsh response the IDF would bring upon it.

But it is not the physical realm in which Israel is weak; it is in the spheres of academia, diplomacy and world politics that Israel has become weakened to the point of needing life-support.

The situation must be reversed: Israel (and her allies) can no longer sit idly by as her enemies change the political playing field, turning her into a pariah state.

How can Israel tackle this battlefield?

First, her missionaries must take the stage and confront this new form of terrorist, the POLITICAL TERRORIST.

The people who demonize Israel for defending her citizens, deny her the right to exist and actively call for the destruction of her institutions are exactly that: Political Terrorists.

Next Israel must start forming response teams.

These teams must be made up of citizens with extensive knowledge of Israel’s historical validity; they must understand and be able to contrast Israel’s democracy to the hodgepodge of theocracies, tyrannical monarchies and juntas of the Muslim countries surrounding her; they must be representative of Israel’s multi-ethnic society.

These teams will be sent into cities abroad, work with local Jewish institutions, Pro-Israel advocacy groups, and pro-Israel academics to combat these terrorists.

Once this arena is recognized as a battlefield the Ministry of Defense, along with Israel’s security services, should be involved in this war and should mentor the members of these teams.

Money needs to be spent on these teams on a scale similar to that of a weapons project.

These teams mentored correctly will be changing the political landscape in Israel’s favor. Ultimately they would be worth more than a squadron of F-35’s.

These teams will be key in the mobilization of pro-Israel communities abroad to fight, match protests, and delegitimize the de-legitimizers -- a spearhead at the tip of the pro-Israel camp’s exposure of the enormous falsehoods being propagated against her.

New programs must also be set up in Israel for Jews to come over, see the country (i.e. Birthright) but also learn of Israel in both an historical (Israeli History, not just Jewish history) and a “defensive” manner.

Defensive education means that part of each program should be a course in Krav Maga, along with a trip to all of Israel’s HOT borders (Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and the West Bank).

A seminar should be devoted to the Security barrier, how it has saved thousands of lives on both sides (don’t forget how many Palestinians die when the IDF responds to a suicide attack) and how and why we must fight those trying to delegitimize the nation.

Seminars with Veterans of the 2006 Lebanon war and the Gaza conflict should be a part of the program. One or two of these soldiers (hopefully from their mid-20’s to mid-30’s) should be assigned to each group and assist in guiding each group throughout their stay in Israel.

The Israeli government must make it one hundred percent clear to both the United States and the EU that if funding by Arab, Muslim and PA institutions to those trying to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist isn’t stopped, then there is no point in negotiations.

If Israel is not recognized as the Jewish Nation state by her neighbors and the world, then there is no reason for yet another Arab/Muslim state on her borders, one called Palestine.

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  1. Amen. Israel has the full right to exist as a nation and to defend itself. To move back to the 1967 lines would severely affect Israel's ability to defend itself. There's no point suggesting moving back to 1967 as Israel ought never to agree.