Monday, July 25, 2011


By Simon Fischler

The Israeli boycott is anti-Semitic, period. Those who wish to boycott Israel must be aware of this fact.

Those who wish to boycott Israel are anti-Semitic because they totally disregard Israel’s democratic and pluralistic nature, labelling her an apartheid state.

They overlook the one hundred percent anti-Semitic policies of the Palestinian leaders (Fatah and Hamas) and the FERVENT anti-Semitic culture of the PALESTINIAN PEOPLE.

A recent poll taken by the Palestinian Government shows that the Palestinian people see the two-state solution as a means of ultimately destroying Israel.

This should come as no shock, being that this type of propaganda is fed to the Palestinians from childhood on.

Because of this clearly racist Boycott against Israel, the Knesset has just passed a law giving citizens of Israel the ability to sue those who attempt to boycott Israeli companies and the settlements in Judea and Samaria.

Predictably there are those in Israel, the E.U. and even some in the American government who have condemned the Knesset for passing this law.

This law, however, was passed through democratic institutions to protect a democracy from organizations (the B.D.S and I.S.M movements are heavily funded by Saudi Arabia and other Arab dictatorships) that are largely funded by tyrannical Islamic dictatorships.

I love it when Europe slams Israel: it is the pinnacle of hypocrisy. The E.U. apparently has forgotten they have made being anti-Semitic and denying the Holocaust illegal.

On top of this many countries in Europe have made it illegal for a Muslim to where a full veil and have also started making it illegal to build minarets.

So when the EU starts chastising Israel about the Boycott Law, it just makes me laugh.

But it is far more serious when dealing with those in Israel who have come out against the Boycott Law.

These bullshitters fought tooth and nail against Rabbis in Safed who wanted to boycott renting apartments to Arabs.

This is a form of boycott, isn’t it?

I might not agree with it and I might find it disgusting, but if one is going to come out against Rabbis who want their constituents to boycott Arabs, that person had better stand against anti-semites boycotting Israel basically because she is the Jewish State (no matter how they cloak their “reasons”).

Apparently for many on the Left in Israel, it is totally acceptable to boycott Israel just for being the homeland of the Jewish Nation. But are they calling for a boycott against any Arab nation for its miserable record on how they treat their own citizens – women, gays, protesters?

This self-loathing mentality in Israel is unacceptable. And it is why, no matter how hard it is for me to digest, the Boycott Law is basically a sound defense. The recent protests in Israel over cottage cheese prices and housing costs proves that we’re not bereft of our freedom.

Boycotting cottage cheese and housing is not the same as boycotting a country only because it happens to be the Jewish Nation state.

The left in Israel are bullshitters for a larger reason.

Their totally screwed-up sense of understanding the Palestinian plight is laughable and based on the worst of politically correct principles, which basically comes down to “no matter how rightly we (Israel) act, they must believe in our (Israel’s) basic wrongness!”

This ridiculous circular logic is tired and old. It also has no place in Israel.

The Palestinians are in their situation today solely because of the crap leadership they have chosen or allowed to rule them.

There are still Palestinian refugees today, but NOT because of Israel. There are still refugee camps in the West Bank and Gaza because the Palestinian leadership has maintained their choice to destroy Israel instead of building Palestine.

Those in Israel who constantly blame her for the idiocy of the Palestinians are quite simply 100 per cent wrong.


Thank the Lord for September; I cannot wait for it to arrive.

Israel needs to stop stressing on the Palestinians cheap plan to declare statehood at the United Nations. The Israeli government should be encouraging it, in fact.

The second Abbas and his underlings break every U.N. security council resolution and every agreement signed together by the Palestinians, Israel, the United States and the E.U., by unilaterally declaring statehood, Israel will be free of the Palestinian burden.

It makes no difference what the world says or does; they will be biased against Israel in the international arena, as they always have been. But in the end they will still do business with Israel.

The Palestinians will have their state, just on far less land than they want.

Just as it made no difference to the world when six Arab nations attempted to destroy Israel at her creation, it will make no difference to Israel that there will be a Palestine without territorial continuity.

That fact will be the fault and the responsibility of no one else but the Palestinian leadership.

No one is telling Malaysia or Indonesia to give Singapore more land, are they? Is anybody boycotting China for what she has done to Tibet? Why isn’t the EU demanding that France return Alsace-Lorraine to Germany? When will the UN accuse Turkey for the mass genocide of Armenians? Why is everybody pussy-footing around Syria and Yemen?

There are easily a score of countries that could -- and should -- be ostracized, condemned and certainly boycotted before wasting precious time and energy on the mythical wrongs supposedly done by the state of Israel against the Palestinians.

And now, in September, the Palestinians, by unilaterally declaring statehood and by breaking the international law that has been applied to this conflict, will forfeit thereby the land that Israel chooses to unilaterally annex.

It will also make it legal in international law for Israel to DECLARE WAR on the state of Palestine any time a rocket is fired into Israel.

Instead of continuing guilt trips and self-hating bullshit, we should be celebrating the Palestinians’ everlasting inability to get something right.

Bring it on!

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  1. The truth is every extreme left-leaning group is trying to erode conventional nationhood and the major religions. Israel's problem is that she is both a strong nationalistic state, the only one which is a Jewish state and most unforgiveable of all, the first nation to adopt a state based on monotheism (forget Egypt and Akhnaten), several thousand years ago!
    But the left's real problem is that they refuse to realize they are being manipulated by Islamic interests that strive to create a world of Sharia, under Allah.
    Worst of all, the left has no plan for global "non-nationhood" and if they succeed, we will all become the sheep herd of global corporations (which we are basically becoming anyway).