Friday, July 1, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Just In:

The organizers of the Gaza Flotilla have admitted that they are nothing more than a bunch of idiot, ninnies looking for attention.

Along with this shocking information we have also learned that Alice Walker is willing to sell her daughter Rebecca to raise money for HAMAS Rockets...I mean medicine for those in the Gaza Strip.

The Irish Contingent of the Flotilla has decided to pull out because of complications with their boat. These complications have been blamed on Israeli sabotage. Funny how you can always blame a Jew!

Lastly the organizers of the Gaza Flotilla have also announced their next mission will be directed at Gilligan, The Professor and Mary Anne for the occupation of their Island which is also part of historical Palescrime.

When more news comes in about the HOPE OF IDIOCY we will report it here.


  1. "flot-ILL-a: ILL-advised; ILL-intentioned; ILL-directed.
    Plus, the beginning of the word -- "flot" --is part of the word "flotsam" ... meaning floating garbage.

    That's right on ...

  2. After hearing about the new shopping mall opening up in Gaza & seeing folks lounge on the beach this morning How much "aid" short of sunscreen do they really need?
    Oh and a Big smile for our Greek friends for " Oh wait you can't leave our Ports"...This has had me chuckling all day