Monday, August 22, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If my grandmother, Etel Friedman, were giving advice to the Israeli government at this moment in time, she would do the opposite of that provided by United Nations boss Ban-Ki-Moon.

The chap at UN Plaza, who endlessly doles soothing verbal syrup to rocket-bombed Israelis as bombs rain down on Jews in the Negev and elsewhere, reflexively declares, “Use restraint.”

Saba Etel would immediately reply to those words of ill-wisdom with a blend of Hungarian mixed with Yiddish-Hebrew. “Soofil, gezunt-gezunt.”

In Williamsburg-type Brooklynese, it means ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

If that doesn’t translate well for the dear UN leader, perhaps the following will:

Israelis struck down -- or merely intimidated by -- Gaza-deployed rockets, mortars and assorted other killing apparatus cannot employ UN-prescribed restraint for several cogent reasons:

It’s difficult to be cool, calm and collected when you have been killed by a Grad missile, as was the case last weekend in Beersheba.

Believe me, it’s near-impossible to utilize such restraint after rockets fly like snowflakes on Israeli’s despite the UN-enforced promise that Hamas would honor the UN-sanctioned armistice agreement.

There’s another war on, Mister Secretary-General. It was started by Hamas after Israel Prime Minister Ariel Sharon turned Gaza over to the Arabs (now known as “Palestinians”). And it was RE-started by Hamas in the past month.

In a sense neither Moon, nor the European Union’s Pollyanna thinkers, nor His Majesty Barack Obama genuinely understand that a war has begun because each is living in his or her Ivory Castle.

None of them have lately -- or EVER! -- been residents of rocket-maimed Sderot, or the Negev, or Ashkelon, or Ashdod where explosives have traumatized an unconscionable percentage of the population.

Nor have they been to the city of Beersheba where the latest Hamas gift merely destroyed a home, killed a resident and wounded many others.

The urging of Israelis to “use restraint” after these war crimes could only come from the mouth of someone whose only known textbook is “Grimm’s Fairy Tales.”

But the Middle East’s only democratic nation -- and world’s only Jewish state -- cannot abide the Hamas declaration of war by air attack.

The response must be as severe as the Arab desire to once and for all destroy Israel. It must be totally relentless.

Hamas is able to rule -- irony of all ironies -- because Israel supplies Gaza
with such necessities as electricity, gas and water.

Thus, Benjamin Netanyahu could end the rocketry by a few declarations:

DECLARATION ONE: If another rocket is dispatched to Israel, ALL electricity from Israel to Gaza will be shut down. Period.

DECLARATION TWO: If the above fails to halt the missile attacks, ALL gas supplies will end. Period.

DECLARATION THREE: If the above pair of regulations fail to stop the assaults, water supplies will be halted. Period. End of story.

And if the Holy Blessed Be He at UN Plaza says all three of the above supplies should be resumed for whatever reasons, Bibi should reply with Grandma Etel’s not-so-cheery homily:

Sufil gezunt-gezunt. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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