Saturday, August 6, 2011


By Simon Fischler

The view from Coffee Anan (Anan means Cloud in Hebrew) on top of Mt. Bental in the Israeli Golan Heights is amazing.

On a day like today, a day that is sunny and dry, there is an unimpeded view from the Heights of the Hermon, to the Hula Valley and almost all the way down to the Kinneret.

When looking East, you can see the Syrian City of Quenitra and deep into the heartland of Syria.

As I sit comfortably on the Israeli side of the border enjoying these amazing views, enjoying the freedoms granted to me and my fellow citizens, it makes me acutely aware of what is happening on the other side of the border.

Atrocities are being carried out by the Syrian government against her own citizens at this very moment.

As I write, human beings -- it makes no difference to me at this point that they happen to be Arab Muslims -- are being mass murdered by a megalomaniac.

Can this really be happening? Is it really the twenty-first century? If so, has the human race really made so little progress?

How can the US stock market crashing be more of a headline story than a minority ruler carrying out the mass murders of his own people?

Is this a bad joke?

How can the world let this happen?

Should Israel intervene and help the people of Hama? If the answer is no, why is it no?

Why is the Arab League diddling around with wording on documents for a Palestinian State and not condemning the Assad regime and rallying support for the citizens of Syria?

Why is Mr. Tom Friedman so concerned with how the Israeli leadership does what it can to protect its citizens, but NOT with the fact that Bashar Assad is making lemonade out of his own people?

Where are the immediate United Nations Security Council sessions, resolutions and inquiries into Syrian Human Rights Violations?

Is it not sick that when Israel dared to enforce her LEGAL maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip, the world went into an uproar? The world denounced Israel and called the killing of nine Muslim fundamentalist Turks (who were just trying to LYNCH a few IDF soldiers) a massacre.

Yet the murder of more than 2,000 Syrian citizens (more than 200 in the last few days alone in Hama) has garnered far less criticism.

Is this also a bad Joke?

Doesn't this now completely expose the sick, twisted and anti-Semitic bias against Israel?

Why are Syria and Iran still allowed to be members of the United Nations? Are the rest of the world’s nations united with this type of criminal leader?

If so, I do not want to be part of or united with nations they fail to stop a monster like Assad.

Where is President Barak Obama? He was so brave when it came to stepping up to Mohamar Qaddaffi – at least verbally. But then, Mohamar did not have Iran backing him up, did he?

If this American administration fails to back up the Syrian people and rid this world of the monster calling himself Bashar Assad, then it will be a catastrophe.

Just as Iran and Hezbollah are assisting the Assad regime on the ground, America must rally her Arabian allies -- Saudia Arabia and Jordan especially -- and assist the Syrian people to gain their freedom.

This massacre must be stopped and this ruthless megalomaniac must be brought down.

“NEVER AGAIN” should not just apply to the Holocaust and the Jews. “NEVER AGAIN” must become the motto of the world in the Twenty-First century; and of a New United Nations.

This new United Nations could then do what the original one was supposed to do: to administer and protect international law; to stop psychopaths like Basher Assad from murdering his citizens.

But, instead of condemning leaders like Assad, today’s UN is too focused on condemning the one democratic country in the Middle East that protects international law -- because it happens to be the Jewish Nation State.

Wake up, Free World; you have been had.

The cause of the problems in the Middle East is not Israel and the Israeli towns and cities in Judea and Samaria. The problems in the Middle East stem from one place only: Arab leadership. Leaders like Bashar Assad, Mohamar Qaddaffi, Yassar Arafat, Khaled Meshal and Hassan Nashrallah. Leaders who rule as the feudal kings of Europe ruled in the Middle Ages.

THE WORLD MUST STOP BLAMING ISRAEL FOR THE PROBLEMS ARAB LEADERS HAVE CREATED FOR THEIR OWN CITIZENS. Instead it needs to re-learn the meaning of truth, justice and international law -- to help the citizens of Syria and the Arab world realize it is not Israel who denies them their freedom and the keeps them down, but their own leaders.

From Hama of the Eighties to Hama of today it is but one massacre to another.

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