Monday, August 29, 2011


By Simon Fischler

The make-believe “peace process” -- that never was -- has taken yet another decisive blow from the killers of peace and tranquility, the made-up Palestinian “nation.”

Today, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas again made abundantly clear the racist and colonial policies of the Arab side of this conflict.

Abbas stated very clearly that the Palestinians will never recognize Israel as the Jewish State.

One must ask why the Palestinians believe that Israel must recognize Palestinian national aspirations when they are intent on denying Israelis their internationally accepted and clearly stated national aspirations?

The problem is not with the racist policies of the Arabs. After all, the Palestinian “nation” is a creation of the twentieth century and is nothing more than a misconception. Militant Islam’s hatred for Jews is nothing new; the heart of the problem lies in America and Israel.

Until the majority of American Jews -- remember that American Jews comprised a major bloc of voters who got Barack Obama elected president -- wake up and start demanding that Obama stand by his so-far-hollow words of camaraderie with Israel things won’t get better.

In Israel we keep hearing how much Obama loves us and supports us and yet his hostile-to-Israel actions continuously contrast with his words.

When Israel approves -- not builds, but merely approves -- building permits on land that will eventually be part of Israel with or without an agreement with the Arabs -- the Obama administration never hesitates to condemn her ally.

When Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians, who throughout history have been enemies of the American people, refuse to recognize Israel as the Jewish Nation State not a condemning word from Israel’s good “friend,” Obama. Nothing!

Interesting, isn’t it?

This destructive American foreign policy towards America’s greatest and most faithful ally will continue until American Jews demand that Obama change his not-so-subtle hostility toward Benjamin Netanyahu and his government.

I often wonder why American Jews have not been more forceful in demanding Obama stand by his promises to Israel?

The American Jewish community has bought into the false concept that being “liberal” means Jews from San Francisco to Syracuse must be “politically correct” and simultaneously self-hating.

The new J-Street movement is a perfect example.

As much as Jeremy Ben-Ami (The Don of J-Street) will deny it he is nothing more than a self-hating Jew who runs a phony Zionist organization well-supported by Obama cronies.

Like Obama, Ben-Ami pretends to have an affection for Israel. At that, he’s a bad actor. The proof, of course, is that he will condemn the Jewish State while supporting the must outragously anti-Israel U.N. resolutions; not the least of which was the Goldstone Report.

That is not a friend of Israel nor Zionism!

Had Ben-Ami been old enough at the time, I’m certain that he would have supported the U.N. resolution debasing Zionism, the Jewish national movement that has been around longer than many contemporary nations.

Until the majority of American Jews realize that Israel is a nation to be proud of the Ben-Ami’s will continue to besmirch Israel with lies.

It’s time that American Jews do their homework. If they check the undeniable facts they will learn that Israel is one country in the world community that has done everything for peace. By contrast, the Palestinians endlessly have fanned the flames of this conflict.

In America the Jewish American Reform movement must take blame for the likes of J Street and its Quisling Jewish allies. The Reform movement is a major culprit just as it was during World War II.

It was then that Reform leader, Rabbi Steven Wise betrayed victims of the Holocaust by refusing to urge president Franklin Delano Roosevelt to take vigorous action against the Nazis who were exterminating Jews by the millions.

J Street’s misguided policies -- along with the majority of Reform Jews -- are a pathetic extension of those betrayed by Rabbi Wise while true Zionists created an awareness of the European Jewish tragedy.

I blame the contemporary Reform Jews for their militant ignorance about Israeli life and policies. This negative attitude has contaminated friendship between Israeli Jews and American Jews. The Jewish American Reform movement has gone so far as to make pride in Israeli nationalism a taboo.

Sorrowfully, these supposedly “erudite” reformists -- many Conservative rabbis as well -- never hesitate condemning Israel for building in the “Settlements.” On the other hand these name Quisling Jews never condemn the Palestinian Authority’s law banning land sales to Jews under penalty of death!

The same goes for left wing Israeli “journalists,” such as Haaretz columnists Yossi Sarid and Gideon Levy.

Next time Sarid wishes to tell a fervent pro-Israel supporter such as American broadcaster Glenn Beck to “GO HOME, BECAUSE ISRAEL DOES NOT WANT YOU HERE” he should think twice. Remember, Israeli voters who booted Sarid and his Meretz party out of the Knesset.

Haaretz’s other viciously anti-government barker, Gideon Levy, encourage Jew-haters such as Abbas and Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to believe that they can get away with a return to the war-like policies of Gamal Abdel Nassar.

In an amazing display of sedition Levy blames Israel for the latest outburst of Egyptian anti-Semitism. Apparently it never has dawned on Levy to condemn the relatively small -- but vocal -- Egyptians for displaying public hate for Israel simply because she is the Jewish State. Instead, with his twisted logic, Levy condemns his own country for not completely appeasing Palestinian demands that Israel commit national suicide.

The likes of Levy and J Street merely encourage Jew-haters such as the Egyptian who tore down the Israeli flag outside of the Israeli embassy in Cairo. That was an attack on Israeli soil for which the Egyptian junta should have been forced to apologize.

There is also no excuse for the Egyptians to be point a finger at Israel for the deaths of the five Egyptian Soldiers in Arab terrorist attack against innocent Israelis. It was Egypt that allowed the twenty armed Palestinian terrorists into Israel who killed eight Israelis.

It comes to this; Egyptians and Palestinians will escape punishment for their
colonialist and racist behavior.

Sadly, this will happen thanks to the Levys, Sarid’s and Ben-Amis of Israel.

These newspaper charlatans further encourage Barak Obama to sell Israelis empty promises of support -- without facts on the ground.

American and Israeli Jews must not be suckered by appeasers like Rabbi Wise of the 1940s nor the J-Streeters of today. All they have sold -- and are selling -- is hot air, poison to Jews and the only true democracy in the Middle East!

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