Sunday, August 7, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

One of my favorite popular tunes of all-time is titled "What Can I Say After I Say I'm Sorry?" It's an apologetic love song delivered by one sweetheart to another.

When it comes to Israel's National Security head, Yaakov Amidror, and his recent confrontation with twenty-seven European Union ambassadors, I would alter the title to "What Can I Say After I Say I'M NOT SORRY?"

Tsk! Tsk!

Should we weep crocodile tears because a number of the EU ambassadors to Israel got a temporary case of lockjaw after being deservedly admonished by Amidror at the political-security briefing?

Or should we give landsman Amidror endless kudos for calling a spade a "spade" in terms of the EU's one-sided behavior in which the Arabs -- disguised as Palestinians -- are favored by the EU about eleven times out of ten!

If, as the bromide goes, "Honesty is the best policy," then there's no question about the answer; brother Amidror deserves a standing ovation, diplomatic protocol or no diplomatic protocol.

And what was it that upset the darling Europeans? They got a good taste of what my Uncle Benyamin called tooches ufen tisch; Amidror put his cards on the table and the EU gentry didn't like what they saw -- or heard. Viz and to wit:

* The European Union always is critical of Israel while never admonishing the Palestinians. (TRUE. Deny that if you can, EU; I dare you!)

* The European Union is unable -- and/or unwilling -- to take a balanced stance when it comes to addressing the Israeli-Arab tug-of-war. (TRUE. And when was the last time the EU ever favored Israel in the endless conflict?)

* Israel cannot be blamed for everything. (And, yet, at virtually every political turn in the eminently mis-called "Peace Process," the EU points an accusatory finger at Jerusalem while conspicuously ignoring the Gaza Gang and Abbas

"You (the EU and its ambassadors) only address the portion of (President Barack) Obama's address that's good for the Palestinians and not portions that are good for Israel," Amidror asserted.

One member of the EU contingent took his head out of the Arab sand long enough to deliver this pathetic beef:

""Amidror was aggressive, contemptuous and arrogant," said the apparently shaken European. "Some ambassadors were genuinely traumatized."

Well, if those EU Nervous Nellies really want to get traumatized, I suggest they spend some time in Sderot, Ashkelon and other Negev environs where an assortment of Gaza-based missiles still are regularly being fired into Israel.

Are these European nitwits being traumatized by the truth? And when was the last time EU representatives spent time with the beleaguered Sderot citizens to learn what warning sirens are all about and how fatal it is for innocent Israelis to be struck by a Grad missile, among the many other destructive rockets so easily smuggled into Gaza.

Did we hear the word "contemptuous?" And does that term bother the EU reps?

Well contempt is precisely what the EU deserves for its endless and unapologetic bias in favor of the Arabs.

Amidror is to be commended not condemned for his aggressive -- instead of defensive -- behavior because the time for appeasing phony, one-sided diplomats is over.

I completely agree with Israel's national security head when he warns that unless the EU alters its position, there's no reason to resume negotiations between the Arabs and Israel.

Ditto for Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman who insists that Jerusalem cut off all contact with the Palestinian Authority including security.

Why not?

The PA currently is negotiating -- yet again! -- reconciliation with Hamas. The PA does everything in its power to undercut Israel as The Jewish State. It refuses even to come to the negotiating table unless Prime Minister Netanyahu submits to endless demands.

When the European Union gets around to appreciating these realities of Middle East life then, maybe, its ambassadors won't have to hear blunt reprimands that can only be equated with the truth.

Until then, the Amidror-Lieberman theme song must remain "What Can I Say After I Say I'M NOT SORRY?"

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