Monday, November 21, 2011


By Simon Fischler

Dear Americans,

In recent years we have become numb to one of the most vile forms of terrorism which strikes at the heart of American and Western democracy.

This form of terrorism is unlike any other; its roots feed off of the core of a democracy, like weeds that strangle a garden.

This terrorism is educational terrorism and it is paid for by the Saudi Royal family and the oil Sheikdoms.

The centers of higher education in America, where we send our children in the hopes of providing them with an excellent future have become Arab-run corporations of propaganda.

These corporations, to which we are expected to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for our children to attend, no longer teach truths or even genuine facts. Today they spread lies and innuendo and provide support and tenure to paid propagandists for the (undemocratic, neo-colonialist and neo-imperialist) Arab cause.

Columbia University stands as a glaring example at which this new breed of intellectual terrorism is inculcated and spread.

Columbia employs Professor Joseph Massad, who has close connections to Hamas, a group recognized by the American government as a terrorist organization.

Beyond this incredibly disturbing fact are Massad’s countless seminars, interviews and articles propagating Arab racism and genocide along with the most malicious lies against an American ally, Israel.

Massad’s type of terrorism is unique -- his lies being passed off as freedom of speech or expression.

On countless occasions his lies have been exposed. Most recently CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) brought Massad’s fallacies front and center when they completely destroyed -- lie by insidious lie -- his most recent article attacking Israeli democracy, written for Al Jazeera (English) and published October 27, 2011.

Despite CAMERA’s detailed unmasking of Massad’s duplicity, it makes no difference because Columbia continues to pay his wages and the naive students attending his Hamas propaganda seminars (disguised as Near-East courses) continue to believe his vile rhetoric.

This is what makes his form of terrorism so insidious, frightening and potentially dangerous to America’s future.

For those students who have dared to call Professor Massad on his blatantly anti-Semitic and anti-Israel lies have been kicked out of his classes or been attacked by him in front of other students, shaming them into silence.

Apparently the good professor only believes in freedom of speech when it comes to him, and/or when it pertains directly to dumping on Israel.

The question is: how has Massad the Mendacious survived?

It is not just the insane amount of money the oil sheiks provide to Columbia in quiet “donations” and endowments, which keep Professor BAD MOUTH employed. In case that is not enough, more “cover” is handily provided.

Columbia behaves much like the slippery serpents of the Oil Caliphate: we seldom see the Arab billionaires and trillionaires who actually run OPEC, keeping us hooked on oil; instead we see the white faces of the oil executives under them who are being paid millions to provide us with more “acceptable” countenances to observe -- ones that look more like us everyday Westerners.

Professor Joseph Massad and Arabists like him who promote their racist, genocidal policies to our children in our universities are protected by their own “white faces.” In the case of Massad, his corporate Columbia sugar daddy happens to be none other than John Mitchell Mason Professor of the University, Provost and Dean of Faculties Emeritus, Jonathan Cole.

This known, it becomes obvious why Massad has escaped the several calls for his removal by students he has blatantly attacked and/or evicted from his propagandistic classes.

The question is: why have the CIA, FBI and NYPD not done more to investigate Massad’s nefarious relationship with Palestinian militant groups like Hamas?

Why have they not done more to to find out how Saudi oil money is being used to change the minds of America’s future generations onto something that is ultimately anti-American?

Lastly, how have we Americans -- Left, Right and/or Center -- been fooled by corporate executives like Professor Jonathan Cole into accepting terrorism as a replacement for a university education?

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