Monday, November 7, 2011


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Every six months on the month the Middle East media dust off their assorted columns about Israel attacking Iran's nuclear facilities and every half-year nothing happens.

One could say that the Law of Averages eventually will catch up with the story and should that be the case a real, live attack on the Iranian atomic factories wouldn't happen a moment too soon.

At least a dozen countries -- Saudi Arabia and the United States, among them -- would love to see Iran's nuclear program neutralized but none of those nations are willing to either singly or collectively take action.

What they do is what they have done for years; exhale enough oxygen to launch a legion of hot-air balloons. Their talk, whether it comes from His Majesty Barack Obama, or the current United Nations do-nothing-leader, Ban Ki-moon, is synonymous with fear.

The UN is afraid of Iran the way the League of Nations was intimidated by the 1930s hellbent-on-war Japan and the rest of the world was scared out of its pants by Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Which leaves Israel -- openly threatened with destruction by the Iranians -- as the only power that is ready, willing and able to take action. The question, of course, is when and that is in the hands of the high command and I know nothing more about that.

What I do know is that whatever moves Israel makes, it will be condemned world-wide; especially -- and ironically -- by those quietly applauding the move within their various inner sanctums. The reaction, in fact, will be precisely the same as it was when Israel wiped out the Iraqi facility and the condemnations ranged from the usual Arab sources all the way to the White House. Or to put it another way; it is ever thus. The world is right; Israel is wrong.

Already, a "Senior American Military Official" -- obviously a synonym for the president -- is voicing "concern" that Israel will not give Uncle Sam a "heads-up" before any attack on Iran is launched.

Is this guy serious?

Why would Benjamin Netanyahu tip his hand? The moment such an advance warning is given two things would instantly happen: 1. Obama would demand that the attack be cancelled: 2. The plans would be so widely leaked that such an assault would have to be cancelled before it ever began.

There's no question that Israel must act on its own because the threats emanating from Teheran are as real as Hitler's warnings delivered to Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland in the late 1930s before his troops conquered each country; and later Holland, Belgium and France.

Yet despite Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's clear cut threat that Israel will be the victim of the second Final Solution of Jewry, the UN's response has been as feeble as the League of Nations was to the Japanese threats which later were fully implemented. Or have you -- like Ban Ki-moon -- forgotten Pearl Harbor?

It is clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that no matter how egregious the sins of Iran, Syria or Hamas the only response from Washington, the UN or, for that matter, the Arab League will be vigorous hand-wringing, head-burying -- anything but decisive action.

Imagine, if you will, the torrent of assaults from throughout the world, if Israel had killed 3,000 of its Arab citizens in six months of reprisals. If the world goes nuts when Israel decides to construct 2,000 HOUSING UNITS in East Jerusalem, what would happen if 3,000 Arab-Israelis were murdered? Well, you know the answer.

But in Syria, there's the reality of an Arab regime which HAS KILLED 3,000 of is Arab citizens since the uprising began in March.

All the Arab League has done amounts to nothing. Yeah, it arranged a "truce" and you know how Assad responded to that. Once the Arab League's "peace plan" got underway, Assad's security forces killed another fifteen Syrians.

So, who's going to stop the daily massacres in Syria? NATO, which took months to effect any significant action in Libya, wants nothing to do with saving innocent Syrians.

Obama? He pretends that Syria is somewhere on the Planet Krypton and -- while Assad executes protesters on a daily basis -- is not nearly an issue as relevant as Jerusalem construction.

What about Egypt, where the "Arab Spring" -- I wonder who coined that phony gem -- supposedly would result in a democratic paradise? Well, the latest poll indicates Egyptians are a lot worse off than they were before Mubarak was undercut by his onetime friends, including the American president.

While Egypt's new leaders try to figure out how to make their citizens happy, the best they can do to distract the masses is what every Arab boss has done since 1948, rip Israel. Thus, while Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Amr chooses to ignore the Syrian massacres, he has found time to condemn Israel's plan to construct new housing in Jerusalem.

"This decision is a blow to all efforts being made to reach a fair settlement to the conflict and the Palestinian problem," said Amir.

Funny, those were virtually the identical words emanating from the White House, Lady Ashton in London and the rest of the European buffoons who prefer to confuse construction of apartments with the daily murder of civilians.

On the one hand, Assad's killings -- whether they take place in the city of Hom or Damascus -- are ongoing and nobody is taking any meaningful steps to thwart the Syrian dictator.

On the other hand, Ahmadinejad's threats of a wholesale massacre of Israelis loom in the future and since no nation has made any meaningful moves to stop Iran's nuclear build-up, the intended victim has no choice to react realistically.

And since nobody else really cares about Israel's fate, that explains why Bibi must order an attack on Iran's atomic facilities.

For decades the Arabs have made it abundantly clear that when it comes to Israel, it's a them or us world. Netanyahu knows what happened when Hitler declared that the Jews must go. Bibi also understands that that Ahmadinenjad isn't kidding around either!

There's a "mad" in his name and madness in his heart!

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