Tuesday, November 1, 2011


By Simon Fischler

If you haven’t heard it yet, Saudi Prince Khaled bin Talal has put a bounty of $900,000 on the head of every Israeli soldier captured to be traded for Arab TERRORISTS in Israeli jails.

One would think something as outlandish as this would have grabbed headlines all over the world, but it hasn’t.

This foul smell emanating from Saudi Prince Talal follows a declaration from big shot Saudi Cleric Awad al-Qarni who put a price of $100,000 on the head of each captured Israeli soldier.

These declarations of harmful intent against Israel follow its help in uncovering a plot by Iran to assassinate the Saudi Arabian foreign minister to America.

Israel’s help in foiling the Iranian plot against Prince Saud al-Faisal was not the first time it has come to the assistance of Saudi Arabia, officially an “enemy” of the Jewish nation.

It’s a rarely discussed fact that today Israel is more of an ally to countries like Saudi Arabia and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan than any other nation in the Middle-East. So why would a Saudi prince issue what could be seen as a declaration of war against the Israeli army?

Shouldn’t Saudi Prince Talal be putting a price on the head of each Iranian soldier or agent actively trying to bring down the Saudi Royal family?

The answer is very simple: at the end of the day these people always will return to their hatred for Jews and the Jewish State. It is essential for all Israelis to remember this.

Of course Israel cannot follow the lead and behave in such a reckless manner, but its citizens can.

There are more than a few Israeli billionaires and I propose that someone amongst them put a contract on the head of Saudi Prince Khaled bin Talal ... say, a contract for about $900,000.

Here is the problem with that suggestion, however: I honestly do not think Prince Talal is worth more than 9 cents of anyone’s money.

So here it is: I am personally offering NINE CENTS to anyone who captures Saudi Prince Khaled bin Talal.

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  1. Israel, you must take all those muslim sandniggers out! Just drop the bomb opn them and turn the Arabian Desert into a sea of glass...