Thursday, November 24, 2011


By Simon Fischler

The dire predictions by many international media organizations, of an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear installations -- which would then cause a regional war, have become a joke.

Apparently the majority of mid-east analysts are either totally ignorant to the real situation on the ground ,or they do not want you to know the truth and are hiding it from you.

Israel has already carried out this pre-emptive strike; in fact it has carried out a few strikes against Iran’s budding nuclear program, something the US, the EU and NATO are too namby-pamby to do.

It matters not that Israel happens to be using the Mossad and its covert ops instead of the IAF; the point still has been made: Israel will not allow another holocaust, especially not at the hands of Iran.

Israel started this war by quietly eradicating several top Iranian nuclear scientists who had been working on the Iranian atom bomb project.

This covert war against Iran’s nuclear dream peaked when Mossad assassinated Majid Shahriari, the scientist in charge of the whole program. This assassination dealt a greater blow to Iran’s imperialist nuclear aspirations than ten IAF airstrikes on its nuclear facilities.

Then came Israel’s Stutnex Virus attack on Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant and Natanz Nuclear facility. Stutnex caused Iran’s precious uranium centrifuges to spin wildly out of control, destroying decades of work in a matter of seconds. Many believe Stutnex has extrapolating extensions within the virus which have continued to plague Iran’s computer capabilities to this day.

The more recent Malware Virus hit on Natanz was worth more to Israel as a military strike than twenty IAF airstrikes, crippling Iran’s ability to produce weapons-grade uranium.

Even though Israel had upped the heat in the Iranian nuclear kitchen, many believed the success of the Mossad under Mier Dagan may have gone with his retirement.

Israel cleared that up last week when it assassinated Iranian General Hasan Moghaddam, called the father of the Iranian and Hezbollah missile programs.

Israel, acting in the interest of itself, the US and all Western democracies, has gone to war with the corner stone of Islamic fascism, Iran. She has done so while most other countries could barely mouth the words to bring about sanctions against Iran

But then, as has happened throughout most of her existence, Israel’s war against Iran started years ago and was not with an airstrike.

P.S.- Sheik Hassan Nashrallah claimed this week that his agents had destroyed the Mossad and CIA in Lebanon; two days later the Mossad responded by blowing up Hezbollah's main missile depot in the Hezbollah stronghold of Tyre, deep in the heart of southern Lebanon.

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