Saturday, February 11, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Anti-Semitism week has opened at Universities across the globe.

Wait a second, I am sorry I’ve made a mistake; what they’re calling it at these great institutions of knowledge is “Israel Apartheid Week.” 

This week of flagrant Jew Hatred is Organized by pro-Palestinian groups, backed by BIG OIL and the freedom loving Saudi Royal family.

The activities taking place at universities of the West (largely Britain, EU countries and the US) are an overt attempt to equate the only openly democratic country in the Middle East, Israel, with South Africa when it was a totally apartheid nation.

In reality, however, these events are not really protesting Israel, or encouraging sanctions against Israel because they honestly think Israel is a nation of apartheid; they are making thinly veiled protests against Israel because it is the Jewish State, and they hate Jews.

The trailer for Israel Apartheid week is as much of a joke as the actual week itself.

In the trailer you see beautiful landscapes of what is called the West Bank. Then all of a sudden this Barrier appears simply for no reason whatsoever. At the end of their trailer they list their three demands: End of Occupation, Full Equality for Palestinian Citizens of Israel, Right of Return for Palestinian Refugees.

All three demands are glaring proof of the fallacy of Israel Apartheid week. All three demands are proof that this cause is not beneficial to peace, but is racist, Anti-Semitic and its true cause is to give Arabs the ability to lord over and enslave the Jewish Nation.

Any one who denies that Israel had to build the Wall of Life is supporting suicide bombers and the innocent killing of Israeli citizens; for that matter they are supporting the killing of innocent civilians the world over.

Since that barrier has been finished there has not been one suicide bombing in Israel.

The friendly neighborhood fascists at Israel Apartheid week forget to include the FACT that the Palestinians chose to strike down peace with Israel at Camp David and Taba.

They forget to tell you that the Palestinians chose to go to war with Israel in 2000. It has slipped their memory that there was no barrier until the Palestinians rejected peace and statehood and opted for blowing up men, women and children in Israeli cities.

If these JEW HATING Palestinian lovers want us to tear down the barrier that keeps our children alive; then I want them to invite a rapist into their daughter’s bedroom. 

In the case of the Palestinian Arabs of Israel; I think you mean Israeli Arabs right?

They have far more equality than Arabs in the Arab world. That is an undeniable FACT.

Maybe the people behind Israeli Apartheid Week would be wise to demand that the Arabs feeding them the anti-Semitic garbage about Israel, explain in detail why they aren't fighting the human rights abuses that take place on a daily basis the Arab world over!

Israeli Arabs were the first to shoot down an idea by the much-hated Avigdor Lieberman to exchange the Israeli Arab towns in the Arab triangle with the Jewish Settlements that will remain part of Israel in a peace agreement.

Understand, what Lieberman proposed would not have stripped them of their land, houses or property. What it meant was exchanging their citizenship from Israeli to Palestinian.

The Israeli Arabs screamed this down louder than a newborn boy at his circumcision.


They know better than all of these radical Jew Haters what it would be like to live in a Palestinian State.

They know better than anyone how free they are in comparison to what it is like to live in other Arab countries. That means no democracy and no freedom of speech (which the Israeli Arabs take ridiculous advantage of).

They see on daily basis what is happening in Egypt and Syria. Murdering his citizens for Assad is like a game of Nintendo Duck Hunt!

Israeli Arabs vote in Israeli elections, can live where they choose and can scream bloody murder at the state that protects their lives like no other European, American or Arab State would.

Last year the Netanyahu government approved and passed in the Knesset 100 million shekels just for the Israeli Arab sector alone.

On top of all of this Israeli Arabs have far more equality than most African Americans and Latinos have in the United States of America, FACT.

Going along with the glaring week of fascism I have found out that singer/song writer Cat Power has just canceled a concert in Tel Aviv. Why? Because of confusion in respect to the Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Are you for real Cat Power? What kind of idiot can you be?

Let me help unconfuse you Ms. Power! You decided to cancel your concert during a week in which the Alawite Syrian government murdered more than three hundred of its own citizens; just for demanding freedom.

You did this during the same week that the Palestinian Authority signed an agreement with HAMAS (a radical, Islamist Terrorist organization) for a unity government.

Cat Power you reneged on your concert the day after the Gaza based HAMAS leadership, now in a sweet Unity government with Peace Seeking (peace seeking as long as it means destroying Israel)Mahmoud Abbas; promised never to recognize Israel, the eighty percent majority Jewish Nation State.

Cat Power you may be ignorant to the history of this conflict but that is your fault. Whether you mean it or not you are now joining the side of Anti-Semitism!

Ignorance and Hatred, the only two things for sale at Israel Apartheid Week, are diseases that allowed the Holocaust to happen.

These two diseases allow a fallacy like The Palestinian Right of Return to continue. This Arab invention is the biggest scam of all. Anyone -- and I mean anyone -- who supports this idea does not support peace and is a firm backer of Arab/Islamic imperialism.

If you support this then you are supporting the destruction of the state of Israel, which has an eighty percent Jewish Majority, FACT.

If you support this then what you are saying is that the Jews, who have lived in Israel for thousands of years, whose home this country has always been have no right to Self-determination and freedom.

What you are saying is that it makes no difference that 900,000 Jews were expelled from Arab countries to the 700,000 Arabs who left mostly of their own will from Israel.

If you support this than you are saying that the Palestinians should get their own state and the state of Israel on top of that. Meaning the Arabs or more deserving of Freedom to govern themselves than the Jews are.

This is nothing more that Anti-Semitism at its best. 

No Israeli government will agree to the Palestinian Right of Return, nor should any Israeli government agree to this.

The responsibility of what happened to Arabs who tried to annihilate the Jews of Israel rests on the shoulders of the Arab leadership of that time. Responsibility rests on the shoulders of the Arab nations who willingly attempted to commit genocide and destroy the country of Israel.

Even sicker and what proves that this week and the people who join it are nothing more than racist, anti-Israel and anti-semitic is the long list of places where they could better be aiming their vitriol:  all the other places on our globe where people are truly treated inhumanely, genuinely lack freedoms and suffer from great injustices, as well as genocide on a massive scale.

What about Tibet? The Chinese have destroyed Tibetan culture, forcefully removing whole villages and towns and replacing them with Han Chinese, to totally change the demographics of the Country. This was a country before the Chinese hostilely invaded it --unlike Palestine which has never existed. 

Where are the screams over Darfur? More than 100,000 black Africans have been killed by the Janjaweed, an Arab Muslim militia that kills and rapes women and children and destroys the villages of these black Africans, most of them Muslim themselves. 

What about the Kurds? They have been fighting for their freedom long before the Arabs knew about Palestinian Nationalism. The Kurds have done far more to build the foundations of a state than the Palestinians. The Kurds have a culture that goes back into history long before there was an idea of a Palestine; this is a FACT. 

What about the Basques? Just because their land happens to be in France and Spain, does this mean they deserve a state less than the Palestinians? Again, the Basques are one of the oldest peoples of Europe, with a culture and history started long before the idea of Palestine. Why isn’t anyone screaming bloody murder for a Basque State in Europe?


In all cases above these people do not have equal rights in the countries they live in. On many occasions they have been persecuted and killed.

Why aren’t the radicals going after Spain, France, China, Sudan, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria?

For that matter, why aren’t they protesting the actions of all of the Arab nations surrounding Israel, most of whom have rejected the Palestinians at one time or another, forcing them back into the refugee camps of the West Bank?

These protesters are not interested in delegitimizing the aforementioned countries because none of them is the Jewish state.

Ironically, none of the afore mentioned nations being persecuted and deprived of their freedoms are fighting against the Jews; only the made up, Arab squatter nation that calls themselves the Palestinians -- a people who, before the state of Israel existed, did not consider themselves Palestinians but Syrians.

Of all these persecuted nations mentioned above not one has been offered a state similar to the one the Palestinians were.

This is extremely important to remember: Israel agreed to give back 93-97 percent of the West Bank (really Judea and Samaria), all of Gaza, East Jerusalem and the Muslim and Christian quarters of the Old City.

It was the poor, “occupied” Palestinians who chose to continue being stateless, if they could not destroy Israel demographically. FACT!

Israel Apartheid week is nothing more than an Arab-sponsored, colonial hate-fest.

The people who brought us Israel Apartheid week and their supporters claim to be seeking freedom, human rights and justice. However, make no mistake: what they are truly seeking is a racist policy of Arab and Muslim imperialism, the unjustified criminalization of Israel and ultimately the destruction of the state of Israel.


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  2. Some one has a vested interest in cattle.
    Your article says that europeans are antisemitic. Lets analise the situation a bit.
    Wasnt it jews that promoted multiculturalism to destroy traditional national identities? Wasnt it the jews idea to have many people from muslim nations go into europe as a part of that plan? And wasnt it the jews idea to cause the west to interferewith and wage war on muslim nations under false pretences. Ulimately the jews tried to create a new kind of monoculure who has ironicaly included among its population, people hostile to judaism whos values and thoughts have been integrated into this monoculture (just like you wanted :P ) Ultimately you could have just had muslims as enemys but as a result of trying to enact the protocols of zion you now have more ememies than you intended! FAIL!!!