Monday, February 6, 2012


By Simon Fischler

If there was any doubt about the United Nations being a joke, the vote to stop Syrian President Assad’s mass murdering of his citizens in the UN security council three days ago cleared that up.

The morning after two hundred and fifty Syrians had been killed in the city of Homs by Assad’s murderous accomplices, the security council, thanks to Russia and China, told the Syrian people to sit on it.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei V Lavrov had this to say about the outrage shown by the United States, the EU and the Arab League over the Russian veto.

“There are some in the West who have given evaluations of the vote on Syria in the United Nations Security Council that sound, I would say, indecent and perhaps on the verge of hysterical,”.

For a Russian government that has no problem murdering its own people, the slaughter of six thousand Syrians must be nothing and the reaction of the West must appear Hysterical!

This European interference by Russia came after the Arab League and almost all Arab States had finally come together to assume responsibility and act against an Arab tyrant.

Instead of rewarding the Arabs for finally taking care of their own business and standing by them; the UN tossed them under a bus and let Russia jokingly hand Assad free reign to continue his crimes against humanity.

This must be a resounding, morning after, wake up call for Israel.

The Obama administration and the European Unions inability to sway Russia from their inherent support for evil regimes is lesson number one for Israel.

Lesson number two, the failure of Obama, the UN and the EU to convince China (which lives off of American and European consumers buying their cheaply made goods) to forget the idea of a veto against the Assad UN resolution is clear proof that international appeasement diplomacy is a failure.

The outcome of this vote is also proof that the concept of globalization forcing countries like China to do the right thing in international diplomacy is garbage.

If Israeli’s or any Israeli leaders still hope for an America that will tackle Iran, this UN vote should clear that up real well.

If America and Europe are afraid to tackle a Syrian regime that is mass murdering its people live in front of the world; or are not affective or strong enough to move Russia and China to vote correctly, then they surely wont make a move against a much stronger Iran.

Israel would do well to immediately make contact with the Arab league representatives and offer military hardware to those fighting the Assad regime.

This could be a counter weight to the hourly and daily help Assad is receiving from Hezbollah and the Ayatollahs in Iran.

Israel can show the Arab world that where America and the EU have failed Israel is ready to stand by the Arab League (of course behind closed doors),and the Arab Nation.

More than anything Israel must realize that when it comes to Iran, Israel cannot count on America or the EU. Neither have the backbone for a real confrontation with Iran.

The inability of America and the EU to make the hard decisions of standing up to Russia and riding Syria of Assad; or stopping Iran from building nuclear weapons is no different than the appeasement of Hitler by England and France prior to World War Two.

Israel as always can only count on itself to protect the Jewish Nation and its right to self-determination and stand against those who wish for our extermination.

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