Monday, February 6, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

In his latest exhibition of feeble procrastination, President Obama has told the world that Israel has not decided whether to attack Iran or not.

He also reiterated the White House position that "diplomatic" means should be exhausted to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear capabilities.

There in two sentences you have the reason why the president's theme song should be "Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland."

Obama has no idea what Israel plans to do because the second he'd be told what Jerusalem plans to do about militant Iran, Uncle Sam would thwart any attack by leaking the information and/or putting the kind of heavy-handed pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu that presidents as far back as Dwight D. Eisenhower did ever since the Jewish State faced its earliest crises. America is best as an onlooker; no more, no less.

As for the "diplomatic means" theme -- yikes! -- that's been the Administration's theme ever since this weakest of weak American leaders took office. His diplomatic record must be graded F for failure.

The more Obama talks "diplomacy," the more Iran's leadership laughs it off. And for good reason, Tehran knows it can survive the worst of economic sanctions because America's bite isn't nearly and tough as its bark.

When it comes to protecting Israel, the only real concern the president suffers is votes; as in will he garner enough knee-jerk Jewish Democratic votes to get himself re-elected. And if that traumatic event does occur, then no further buses will be necessary under which to throw Israel; that will be the end of it.

No matter how the Democrats try to shake it, Israel has no friend in the White House, nor the State Department nor the Defense Department.

In terms of their collective achievements in the Middle East over the past three years, one can call the whole bunch of them stumblebums based on their chain reaction of bungling.

No matter how you shake it, Libya is a mess. Riot-a-week Egypt is worse and nothing has fazed the Assad regime when it comes to mowing down so many Syrians that the number now is beyond staggering.

Obama impetuously dumped Egypt's Mubarak and look what's happening in Cairo. Does democracy have a chance there with the Muslim Brotherhood relentlessly moving to take over? Not a chance.

Hilary Clinton has been a futile Secretary of State -- probably now conniving her way to a presidential run the next time around.

Leon Panetta -- a Class A stooge for Arab interests -- has been so openly hostile to Israel since taking control of the Defense Department we might as well call him The Grand Mufti of Pennsylvania Avenue.

There no longer is a significant figure in Washington who will go to bat for Israel once Iran obtains its desperately sought nuclear weaponry.

Obama will talk diplomacy; Panetta will side with the Arabs -- as he always has done -- Clinton will pose thoughtfully and produce gournish for Benjamin Netanyahu; except, perhaps, for bitter homilies about the danger of Jews building homes in Judea and Samaria.

As Ehud Barak has noted, "Later is too late."

As Yogi Berra has noted, "It's getting late early."

Unfortunately, the White House really doesn't care.

Therefore, Israel must care on its own.

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