Saturday, February 18, 2012


BY Simon Fischler

Israel has for a long time been unjustly viewed by many outsiderts as some sort of Goliath oppressing a little David played by the Palestinians.

This notion could not be more wrong.

First fact, Israel has not and isn’t just fighting the Palestinians. Since her creation the Jewish State has been at war, without a break, with the whole Arab world and much of the Islamic world.

Let’s put this into some sort of perspective: if we were to amass all the Jews in the world, the number wouldn’t come close to the population of Cairo, Egypt!

Thus, who is David and who is Goliath?

Since her creation Israel has faced a racist policy carried out by her Arab neighbors. They have attempted on many occasions to commit GENOCIDE against Israel's citizens and when they failed to accomplish this, they have behaved as if Israel does not exist or will soon be taken off of the world map!

Israel is refused a proper place in the UN because of the Arabs’ racist policy of excluding her from their geographical region.

A small example of Israel's plight in the Middle East: a decade ago I visited Petra, in Jordan, before the start of Arafat's "second Intifada." We have had a treaty with Jordan since the mid-1990s, and tourism between the two countries was flourishing at the moment.

However, as I glanced down at the brochure/map given to us as we boarded the bus to Petra, I noted that the entire area that should have been Israel on the map was blank. There was no country name and furthermore the entire area which should have been Israel was colored green -- an Islamic color -- rather than blue for Israel!

And this was a nation with which we had a peace treaty!

Today, the whole Arab world has, in so many words, again laid threat to Israel.

On top of the on going refusal of the Arab world to recognize Israel for what it truly is, the Jewish Nation State; Israel will soon facing a fascist, extremist, apocalyptic and nuclear armed Shia Muslim Iran.

The Arabs are not willing to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish State, and neither is Iran.

This has been made clear time and time again. From the UN partition to the Camp David and Taba talks lead by President Bill Clinton.

From the beginning to end the Palestinians have always said no to peace; they have always chosen the dissolution of Israel over building their own state.

I challenge anyone to refute this with facts; it is historically impossible.

It is time for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expose both the leaders of the Palestinian Authority for their falsehoods and the Arab, Muslim world for their fallacies against Israel and the Jewish Nation.

Although it is taking a chance Israeli PM Netanyahu should call for a settlement freeze in all of Judea and Samaria; but absolutely not in East Jerusalem. Israel will do this and even go one step further. The Netanyahu government should recognize a provisional Palestinian State on the Land the PA has complete Authority over; this of course is in return for a Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish State and resumption of Peace Negotiations to finalize disagreements.

Of course the Palestinians will reject this, once again exposing them for who they really are: Anti-Israel and unwilling to compromise.

It will also expose the outright one-sidedness of the international community towards Israel. It will expose the fact that the Palestinians have had the sometimes tacit, sometimes overt diplomatic blessing of the EU, Russia and China.

Let me ask you, who is David and who is Goliath in this scenario?

Today the American administration has unintentionally harmed Israel diplomatically probably more than ever in her history, thanks to the "BALANCED" approach President Obama and his cadre took.

Luckily when the Palestinians spit all of Obama's goodwill back in his face the President woke up and has become for more practical. Let us hope that this trend continues.

Israel, with the help of an American Government that understands its situation far better today and an American government that has received third degree, diplomatic burns from the constant and continued lies and diplomatic trickery of the Palestinians; can take the initiative in the international diplomatic world and put the ball back into the Arab, Muslim and Palestinian court.

It is time for the Israel DAVID to sling his stone into the eye of the Palestinian Goliath.

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