Sunday, April 8, 2012


By Simon Fischler

The middle-east conflict is moving from a physical battlefield to a figurative battlefield where wars are fought in classrooms, university campuses, newspapers and other media outlets.

For many reasons the Palestinians and Arabs have an advantage in this new battlefield.

Saudi oil money buying off American and European universities is a hard reality facing Israel today; one that is very disturbing.

In Europe the rise of Arab/Muslim influence is far more understandable. Europe has been overrun by Arab Muslim immigrants from former colonies. In many instances these populations have refused, sometimes violently, to join the mainstream culture of their new country.

What to do with or how much to assent to the customs and demands of these Arab populations has become a major preoccupation in France and other Western Europe countries.

It’s almost understandable, if not forgivable, that anti-semitism should be on the rise in Europe: after all, most of the Arab populations are themselves semites; and in some convoluted fashion, these Muslims wouldn’t be a problem if it weren’t for the Jews!

In America it is very different. There is no huge dissatisfied immigrant Muslim population. Instead there is an incredible amount of Arab oil money being fed into American universities, particularly into universities that have traditionally had a liberal bent and a somewhat pro-Israel slant.

No more. Infused with monies for “International Chair of Middle Eastern Studies” and the like, American academia has become more and more vociferous in its condemnation of Israel.

The situation in American academia has worsened to the point that major universities have withdrawn investments in Israel or Israeli products, encouraging others to do the same.

Jewish students, whose parents are paying more than $40,000 a year for tuition, are being intimidated and/or shunned if they attempt to protest or even to clarify the misstatements constantly being put forth about Israel.

Then, unfortunately, there are the Jews themselves.

Jews have always been the greatest enemies of the Israelite, Jewish nation. Historically from biblical times we have caused ourselves the most amount of harm. Jews complained to Moses, forsaking G-D’s miracles the whole trip out of Egypt. Jews pushed Aaron to make the Golden Calf. Jews brought the Temple down by corruption. In all these cases it was but a few Jews actively working against the best interests of the nation. Anti-Semites have tried on numerous occasions to blame the whole of the Jewish nation for the problems created by a few.

Today Israel and the Jewish nation worldwide are faced by the same problem: self-hating Jews who use their credentials as a Jew to speak out in an ant-semitic fashion against the existence of Israel. Academic Noam Chomsky is one; Norman Finkelstein, Howard Zinn (now dead) and Ilan Pepe are other notorious Jewish anti-semites. All of these professors are or were anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, lying demagogues -- mouthpieces for today’s gentile Jew haters.

In Israel we are also faced with this sickness. After all Ilan Pepe taught at Haifa University.

Sadly, for people like me the Israeli left has been replaced by groupies who seem to think the way to be peace-seeking Israelis is by blaming Israel for all the problems mostly created by our Arab friends! They have become tools for the self-hating academics, who are in reality simply implementing the agenda of the Arab/Muslim countries surrounding Israel.

A perfect example of this takes us back to an article written for Haaretz by Alan Dershowitz in response to the UN Goldstone report (which has now been refuted).

Dershowitz, a left-leaning liberal and former good friend of Goldstone finished his rebuttal by saying that Goldstone is a traitor to the Jewish nation for writing the report.

That is a very strong statement to make, but Dershowitz was right. He was later proven to be right when Goldstone himself retracted his support and condemned the same UN report he wrote.

Anyone who took the time to do their own independent research into the IDF’s actions in Gaza (today there are plenty of places on the internet alone to research the IDFs actions) would know that Goldstone purposefully attacked Israel and discredited it in his report.

He did this while totally overlooking the criminal acts carried out by Hamas, both against the Israeli people by indiscriminately firing rockets into Israel and the Palestinian people of Gaza by using them, their houses schools and hospitals as shields.

Who came to the aid of Judge Richard Goldstone?

None other than the Queen of Israeli Liberalism, former MK Shulomit Aloni.

What did she have to say about Alan M. Dershowitz? "Dershowitz's statements border on hate. Goldstone is a Zionist Jew who was simply doing his job. Dershowitz is a despicable man who opposes the left and supports the settlers, his opinion doesn't count in my eyes, and the way he speaks of Goldstone is disgraceful. The Goldstone report isn't entirely accurate, though we cannot ignore the fact that we did violate international law - the IDF used phosphorus and bombed schools and hospitals."

Here is the problem, first Professor Dershowitz is a known liberal, who clearly sits on the left and has strongly, on numerous occasions, in almost all of his books come out against Israel’s settlement policies. So, either MK Aloni has never read an article or book of Professor Dershowitz’s, or like many of her kind just depends on lies, knowing the media will print them without a second glance!

MK Aloni also makes another mistake.

Using white phosphorus is not illegal in battle as long as you do not intentionally use it against the citizens of your enemy! The International Red Cross (no friend of Israel) went out of its way to say they found no evidence at all of Israeli using WP illegally. So, Israel clearly did not do this.

Aloni also does not understand that by Hamas shooting from inside, next to and around schools they made them military targets, which means it is not a violation of international law to target them. MK Aloni would do well to read more International Law before she attacks someone with the knowledge of Professor Deshowitz or even opens her mouth.

Aloni truly represents all that is wrong with the Israeli left today.

Had Tzipi Livni taken the time to look over the demise of the Israeli left, a fall from grace that started by their failure to grasp the Palestinians deceit in the Oslo Accords, she might have beaten Shaul Mofaz!

They Israeli Left has given up their beliefs for deviant slogans that are mostly hateful towards the people whom they pretend to represent! Thanks to “liberals” such as Aloni and the negative influence they have, Israel has been forced to rebuild decades worth of great foreign policy that was tossed into the trash.

Today it is imperative for the Jewish nation and those who support Israel to stand up to the corrupt, counterfeit lies being spread by the counterfeit left in Israel and abroad. They are not pro-Israel, nor are they liberal, they are nothing more than a bunch of phonies who have forced out the true liberal, Zionist supporters of Israel.

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