Sunday, April 29, 2012


By Simon Fischler
This last year, leading up to the 64th. birthday of Israel has been a fascinating one to say the least in the middle-east. 
It started off real tough for Israel with the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak but has progressively gotten better. 
Once again for a few moments we Israelis were allowed to enjoy the 64th. anniversary of the RE-FOUNDATION of our nation-state. We were allowed to celebrate our freedom and self-determination. 
Now that we have celebrated another birthday of our liberal, democratic Jewish State we must prepare for that joy to be quickly washed away. 
Syrian tyrant Bashar Al-Assad will once again attempt to deflect the ongoing civil uprising in his country onto Israel during this up coming Arab Colonial Day (also known as the Nakba).
Assad realizes he needs to up the ante if he wants to stay alive and for the world to forget about the mass murders he is still carrying out. 
Therefore on Nakba Day, Assad will push his allies Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad to enter the fray against Israel. 
Hezbollah and Hamas will probably oblige and it will not be like last year when they bused protestors to Israel’s borders.
This year Israel and the Israel Defense Forces must be prepared for war. 
We will be better equipped to deal with any attempts by a ruthless Arab dictator to deflect blame from the atrocities he carries out against his supposed brothers at home. 
In preparation for Arab Colonial Day, Israel must do more than just worry about its borders (which is enough of a problem). 
Today Israel needs to do more to put the onus on its Israeli Arab minority to step up, stop whining and become a true part of the Jewish Nation State! 
Is it not amazing that the Israeli Druze and Circassians (one belonging to the Druze culture and religion and one a Muslim minority) have managed to accept and love Israel as the DEMOCRATIC and Jewish Nation State and yet the Israeli Arab minority can't? 
Maybe this has something to do with their want to finally wipe us, the 80% Jewish Majority out? Maybe their hopes of pushing us Jews into the Sea are the same as their Palestinian brothers?  
Israeli Arabs are the freest in the world and they enjoy equality like no other Arabs in Arab countries.
Israeli Arabs should look over the border and see the actions of Arab regimes towards their own citizens before complaining about Israel. Furthermore Israel needs to start telling them this! 
Should Israeli Arab's consider Israel's creation a catastrophe? NO, absolutely not! 
Not unless they truly do want too destroy the country they supposedly want to be a part of!
While Assad is off MASS murdering his own people, the Arabs of Israel are allowed to protest safely and freely, serve in the Knesset, be Supreme Court judges and plainly just enjoy the financial wealth they have amassed in Israel. They do this while enjoying their ability to spit on the country that allows them this lifestyle and freedom. 
This was clearly demonstrated in a jaded interview HA-ERETZ gave with Arabbe Mayor Omar Nasser.
Nasser called Netanyahu’s claims about the freedoms of Israel’s Arabs “false, misleading and unbearable hypocrisy.” 
He insists that Israel’s treatment of its Arab citizens should not be compared to how Arab leaders treat their own citizens, but to how Muslims and Arabs are treated in Western Europe or America and Canada.
Is Israel geographically situated in Europe? Is it a European country? No, so why should Israel be compared to European countries?
However, if that’s what Mr. Nasser wishes to do, let’s take a look.
* Arabs and Muslims cannot were Burkas, or headdresses in France. Laws strongly against the Muslim population of the French Republic are being enacted left and right.
* Far right, anti-Arab/Muslim political parties are proliferating and becoming strong, to the embarrassment of Liberal, left Europeans. Conservatism has reached the continent, mainly in response to Arab and Muslim immigration.
* The Arab and Muslim populations of France and, for that matter, nearly all of Western Europe are consigned to what any self-respecting European Jew would recognize as ghettos and discriminated against daily in myriad ways -- worse than anything in Israel.
* The Swiss have banned the building of minarets and are in the process of passing other laws that discriminate specifically against Muslims. The same can be said for virtually all western European nations, as they attempt to battle Islamic Fundamentalism.
In all of these countries a movement like Israel’s Islamic Movement would, without a doubt, be banned and considered a terrorist group. We just saw that in England where Nazi Sheik Raed el-Salah was jailed! 
Before we touch on the 13 Arab Knesset members, or the freedoms of speech, travel and livelihood enjoyed by all Israeli Arabs, lets assess how much Israel’s Arab citizens contribute to their country.
Israeli Arabs do not serve in the Israel Defense Forces. This practice must end immediately, if Jewish, Druze and Circassian eighteen year olds must be drafted to serve their country so too must Israeli Arabs.  
Or they must complete National Service to Israel like their Jewish, Druze and Circassian CO-patriots do. 
No more receiving the fatty benefits of the state of Israel like the Arabs of Israel receive today without contributing to your country!
The Arabs of Israel want equality! Well, they have it! If they want more than what they have then they had better look to American President John F. Kennedy's famous quote; "Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." 
There has been talk of Israel giving the future Palestinian State sovereignty over some Israeli Arab cities and villages. 
Any time this topic comes up the Israeli Arabs cry out bloody murder. 
Why does this happen? Israel has no intention of kicking them out of their homes or moving them off of their land. It would simply be a swap of administration and citizenship! 
They cry out because they want to remain Israeli, PLAIN AND SIMPLE!  They know better than anyone that Israel will provide them freedoms that a Palestinian State will not.
What is eluding everyone outside Israel is the ability of the leaders and many in the general population of Israel’s Arab minority to disguise their own racism and hidden agenda against the state.
If a Jewish Israeli tried to buy a house in an Israeli Arab village, there would be no chance of it happening. 
If a Jewish Israeli did happen to live in an Israeli Arab town, they would be harassed until they packed up their bags and left.
Arab Israelis cry about crime in their communities and the State not doing enough to stop it; yet their community has the highest amount of illegal firearms. If the Israeli police decided to disarm these villages they would be called Racists! Thats nothing but insanity! 
To compound the situation, Israel’s Arab leaders often act in what would be classified as a treasonous manner towards the state that affords them such freedoms. 
These  treasonous actions range from Knesset Member Hanin Zoabi's cruise on the Mavi Marmara, Knesset Member Taleb el-Sanna constantly promising the destruction of Israel (this is a member of the Israeli Parliament calling for the destruction of the nation he is supposed to represent), to Knesset member Ahmed Tibi calling for terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens.  
From this day until Arab Colonial Day (the Nakba) I will be writing, voicing my thoughts and providing facts showing that no Catastrophe occurred during Israel's re-birth.
The time has come for Israel’s Arab minority to put up or shut up! They need to stop whining and attempting to delegitimize Israel and need to do a hell of a lot more to show their appreciation for the country that has given them freedom and equality in an area where it just does not exist! 
 More importantly, the Israeli Arab minority needs to make a decision: are they Israeli Arabs or Palestinian Arabs? 
If they want to be in a country with an Arab symbol on its flag, or if the National Anthem bothers them so much (Is it not funny that Israel's Arabs have a problem with the national anthem of the nation because it talks of a Jewish Soul; yet the Native Americans of Canada and the United States have no problem singing the national anthem of both these countries and are some of the greatest patriots in the same Nation States where their people were totally robbed of everything they had?), then they should leave, end of story! 

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