Tuesday, April 3, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Dear Oudeh:

I just finished reading your article published in the HAARETZ of 31/3/2012. At first I thought, “Why, Basharat must be hip to the American concept of “April Fool’s” jokes, and he’s just a day early!

Then I realized it was merely another attempt to deceive the foreign diplomats and two super liberal Jews (who actually read HAARETZ) that Israel’s Arab population “just wants to be equal.”

Sadly, most of us Israelis who are Jews -- along with many Druze, Circassians and some Bedouins -- are aware that you are attempting to pull the proverbial wool over the sheep’s eyes.

Your big problem purports to be with Bibi and his whispered understanding of ISRAELI SUPREME COURT Justice Salim Joubran’s refusal to sing the Israeli National Anthem, “Hatikva.”

Hmmmmm. Mr. Basharat, have you ever taken the time to find out how long it took for an African American to make the Supreme Court of the United States of America?

Have you ever asked yourself how long it took for a Native American to reach the American Supreme Court, or if there even has been a Native American on the U.S. Supreme Court?

I imagine not! You are not interested in that because you are not really interested in equality: you already have that. In fact, you are better off than many Israeli Jews.

Do you have to serve in the Army? Why are Israeli Arabs exempt from being drafted into the Army?

In fact, what is problem with singing Hatikva?

Is it so insulting having to say, “The Jewish Soul?”?

Of course it is, because inherently your community is anti-Semitic. In reality the Arabs who live in equality and freedom in Israel have always wanted to take the country away from its Jewish majority.

If singing “Hatikva” really was the issue, then I’d direct your attention to a place called Syria, where a ruthless dictator, running an Alawite apartheid regime is mass murdering Sunni Muslims only because they are just that: Sunnis fighting for equal representation. You want to talk inequality? I’d call Assad’s game REAL inequality.

You also forget that the source of your “problem” of alleged inequality originates from a decision your community made in 1947-48 and has continued to resolutely back ever since.

Sadly, instead of accepting that Jews have as much right to self-governance and freedom as Arabs do, your community chose the path of racism and genocide.

This decision was made even though the governing international body, the United Nations, voted to create a state for the Arabs and a state for the Jews. IT WAS INTERNATIONAL LAW; law your community chose overwhelmingly to disregard.

There is no separating the situation of Arabs in Israel today from the decision they and their leaders made in 1947.

The undeniable decision of Israel’s Arab population in 1947-48 against their Jewish co-patriots has always made their situation tense. Even worse, the Arab population -- or at least your leaders (of which you are now one) -- has continued to promote this goal. ,

What was that decision? What was the goal?

The Arabs of what is Israel today attempted to ethnically-cleanse Israel of its Jewish population. Their attempt to commit genocide against Israeli’s Jewish population failed. You, Basharat, failed also, because you continue to promote this goal even today.

This plan started in1929 during the Hebron Massacre against the Jewish majority population of that city. It continued in World War Two when the Palestinian leadership chose to side with the Nazis under the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini.

Yes, Mr. Basharat, you Israeli Arabs and your Palestinian neighbor/brothers are the heirs of full-blown Nazi sympathizers.

Egypt and the rest of the countries in Arab World almost all state in their constitutions that they are indeed Arab countries. Many also state that the nation is irrefutably Arab and Muslim AND that no one else can be a citizen.

Is anyone pressuring a single one of these countries to change their national anthems or constitutions?

Yet you ask the 80 percent-majority Jewish State (the ONLY one on the planet, as opposed to the more than 20 Islamic and/or Arab states) to change its national anthem so that you feel more at ease?

Secondly, if the Israeli Arab community continues to vote into office leaders like Ahmed Tibi, Taleb el-Sana and Hanin Zoebi than you cannot ask for any type of reconciliation.

You cannot expect the Jewish majority population of Israel to understanding your community when your leaders constantly call for the destruction of Israel.

You cannot expect us to take you seriously when Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi, Hanin Zoubi and others are to be busy fighting for the Palestinians instead of Israeli Arabs.

Do not ask me to forget the past crimes your community has committed against Israel! Especially do not ask me do be understanding to your community when you call for the destruction of our rights to freedom.

You want equality? Start serving in the Army! Fight for your country against HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and all others that wish to destroy it!

Call out the Palestinians for their attempts to destroy this country, the country you supposedly want so much to be a part of!

Admit to your anti-Semitic attempts at killing off Israel’s Jewish population during the 20th. Century, stop behaving as if you were not a cog in the Nazi machine!

Tell the world that Israel is not an Apartheid state, tell the TRUTH!

If you and your community are incapable of being understanding to the nature of the Jewish, democratic nation of Israel than your problems will continue to rest on your own shoulders!

Stop asking for Israel to do for you and start learning to do for Israel.


  1. Very well said! I am impressed. Keep up the good work.

  2. Why should he care about what you think and demand from him?

  3. Seriously, Mr Fischler, shouldn't a NATIONAL anthem reflect everyone who lives in the country?