Thursday, March 29, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Today, March 30, 2012, a crime will be committed, a crime of the worst nature.

Today hordes of modern day Nazis, fascists -- today's real life Brown Shirts --will march on the Jewish Nation in hopes of its annihilation.

The Global March to Jerusalem is just another colonial Arab attempt to destroy the Jewish Nation; that’s it and no more. This so-called “peaceful” march has nothing to do with freedom or rights of Palestinians. The Arabs’ refusal to accept compromise has rendered their rights null and void.

The continual attempts of the Arabs to wipe out the TRUE NATIVES (Jews), has created the situation of the so-called Palestinians, not an occupation nor the INTERNATIONALLY granted legal right of the Jews to their homeland.

The next time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu comes under pressure to concede anything to the Palestinians by the Obama administration or the EU, he had better use the PLO's participation in this political terrorism as an example of why Israel truly has no partner for peace.

This Global March to Jerusalem is nothing like the marches of Martin Luther King Jr. during the civil rights movement in America. No, this march is more similar to the Nazi SS marches throughout World War II Europe, or the marches of the German Brown-Shirt incited public on Jewish houses and businesses during Kristalnacht.

Today is another day of such infamy.

Today the Oslo Accords are officially 100 PERCENT DEAD. There is no peace and there will be NO peace. Today the Arabs (there is no such thing as a Palestinian) will declare that they intend to force themselves on our borders in an attempt to steal our land.

Along with the Arabs who occupy Hebrew, Jewish and Israeli land in Judea and Samaria (you probably know this area as the West Bank), the Arabs who live in Israel and take advantage of the country plan on marching in protest. If the Arabs who are citizens of Israel do protest in large numbers, it had better be an example of their deceit to their Jewish Israeli co-patriots.

So how should we defend our nation against those who wish to take it from us?

This is a street fight and it has to be fought that way.

Israelis and all others who support and love Israel must march in response. It is time to toss off the lie that we Israelis must quietly abide the corruption and hatred of the Arabs.

The time has come for us to march on the towns and cities of Israeli Arabs. If they do not like or respect their nation and if their true hope is to destroy Israel, then the time has come for them to leave, willingly or unwillingly! If every Arab country, the U.S.A, Australia, Canada, Kosovo and China can remove hostile populations, then Israel can, too!

The time has come for Israel to release itself of the weight it carries on its chest. The weight of the foreign oppression of Arabs in Judea and Samaria too! Enough already. If a large number of people actively call for genocide against your citizens, then you rid yourself of them. Israel should have done it along time ago; sadly it didn't!

Just as the Arabs marched on Hebron in 1929 and killed off the Jewish majority population, stole their property and land, we must march them right out of Hebron back to Arabia where they belong.

The towns and cities the Arabs claim as theirs do not belong to them. The factual history of the Jewish nation has always been embedded in Israel. IT’S IN THE ARCHEOLOGY, PEOPLE!

The Arabs have no genuine claim. They say this march is to retake Jerusalem (they don't even call it Al Quds anymore): Jerusalem, the Hebrew-named capital city of the Kingdom of Judah; Jerusalem, the city named 800 times in the Tanach and not once in the Koran, is theirs?

Enough of this nonsense! Jerusalem has always belonged to the Hebrew, Israelite, Jewish Nation.

Since this land is not theirs and the Arabs are a hostile, colonial-based culture, we must rid our lands of them. We must send them back from whence they came, back to Arabia.

Like the Americans, when they pushed out the colonial English and were an inspiration for democracy in the 18th century, it is time for Israel to be an example. Israel must be a shining light to all nations that have suffered under colonial Arab rule for centuries!

We must show them that they will never deprive us of our FREEDOM, that we will always march out to the battle field and fight for our right to live in OUR land.


  1. There is no place for Islam in our contemporary World.
    This conflict is an Islamic Cultural War.
    Islamic Culture must destroy Western Culture or Western Culture must
    destroy Islamic Culture. It is a Genocidal War.

    or we must change their culture. There is no other choice.

    Muhammad Islamic Culture = Evil :: Western Culture = Civilization
    Choose Freedom or Slavery