Sunday, March 11, 2012


By Simon Fischler

On Friday Israel was forced to target Zuhir al-Qaisi head of the Popular Resistance (meaning colonialist) Committees and his Islamo-Fascist buddy and HAMAS military bigwig Mahmud Hanani as they went for a nice sight-seeing drive in the Gaza Strip.

Like always the “sight-seeing” drive that Zuhir and Mahmud were on was a planning session for carrying out murder against Israeli CITIZENS!

It isn’t enough that Egypt, America, the European Union and the United Nations did not demand that these two murderers be arrested instead of remaining free (after all they were the architects of the August terrorist attack in the Israeli Negev that led to the death of eight unarmed Israeli citizens and two Egyptian border guards) but now they have the nerve too condemn Israel for assassinating them in the midst of planning another attack against Israeli citizens.

Enough is enough!

The rancid smell emanating from the mouths of the Egyptians who condemned Israel for protecting her citizens is enough to make you want to puke!

On top of that the pathetic attempts of HAMAS to relate the situation in Gaza to that of the freedom fighters in Homs, Hama and Dera, Syria is a horrific type of insanity.

HAMAS, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority seem to forget that the situation in Gaza is bad because of HAMAS and the actions of the Palestinian population of Gaza!

Maybe they forgot that this is what happens when make war on another people or give the green light for shooting over ONE HUNDRED rockets (in just two days) into Israeli CIVILIAN CENTERS.

One must remember that these rockets attacks on civilian centers are in response to the Israeli military attack on a MILITARY TARGET that killed two MILITANT TERRORISTS!

Here is the difference between the two.

Israel targeted a military target. The Palestinians whether it be HAMAS, Islamic Jihad or some other group with another prideful, pathetic, Colonialist, Arab name are targeting civilians.

One is legal (Israel targeting a military target) and one is a War Crime (the Palestinians indiscriminately shooting rockets into Israeli City centers).

Here is the other difference between the two!

Israel and her citizens are running to the UN, EU and the rest of the international community crying like two year old children as the Palestinians are.


It would be fantastic if someone could explain to the Palestinians that if you punch someone in the face you should not expect them to smile back at you.

It would also be great if the Americans, American Jews, Europeans and certain Israeli leaders would realize that Israel cannot do anymore than she has to make Peace.

The concept that Israel can do more to understand the Arabs who deny it, condemn it for existing and revel in calling for its destruction is pathetic and SELF-HATING.

This theory has always been garbage and this weekend just proved that again. Israel and Israeli’s need to get this fallacy of a theory out of their systems.

Israel must explain to the world in blunt terms that it is not the cause of strife and the wars in the middle-east; nor are Israeli settlements the main cause of this never ending problem.

It must be made clear that Israel will no longer accept the Racist policies carried out against it by the Arabs, the United Nations and a majority of the international community.

The problem is and always has been the imperialistic principals of Arabism and Islamic colonialism and their intent to deny the Jewish Nation its RIGHT by the UNITED NATIONS and INTERNATIONAL LAW, to self-determination and statehood.

The problem is and always has been the Arab want and intent to carry out NATIONAL GENOCIDE (something the Arabs have never been embarrassed to admit or even brag about) against Jews, Israel and her citizens.

Along with confronting Arab colonialist policies on the world stage and attacking the eternal Arab fallacy of Israel always being to blame; it is time for Israel to also rid its body of those who refuse to accept it and go to great lengths to deny the FACTUAL HISTORY that proves Israel right!

That means getting rid of the self-hating, Jew animal parading around the Israeli Big Brother show like a plumed Peacock!

It means getting rid of Arab Supreme Court Judge Salim Joubran.

As an Israeli supreme court judge Joubran is employed by the state, to uphold the laws of the state and it is unacceptable for him to refuse to sing the national anthem of the state!

It is insane and would not be tolerated in any other democratic country!

The only way of explaining Joubran’s actions is to support treason!

I do not care if he is an Arab, he is an Israeli Citizen and State employee first and foremost. He lives off of the backs of Israeli Jewish Citizens ( the only ones who pay taxes) and the taxes that they pay! If he does not like the national anthem of his state or if he takes for granted the freedoms that he receives from the democratic, Jewish State then he should go be a supreme court Judge in the Palestinian Authority, Jordan or Egypt!

It means getting rid of Hanin Zoubi, Ahmed Tibi and other Arab Knesset members who deny the states right to exist, encourage racism, treason and the worst type of incitement!

Yes Israel is a democracy, but no where in the rule books for democracy does it say that a democracy has it except treason by its citizens.

Nor do the rule books say that a democracy has to accept neighborhood bullies who continually call for its destruction.

ENOUGH is ENOUGH, it is pathetic and racist to condemn Israel for defending itself against genocidal maniacs that seek to harm its citizens!

Yet again Israel must stand up to the colonialist Arab bully.

We must tell them that we will not submit, we will not be their slaves, they will not lord over us, nor will they deny us our right to self-determination and freedom.


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