Sunday, March 18, 2012


By Simon Fischler

There has been a whole lot of debate whether it is wise for Israel to carry out a first strike on the Iranian Nuclear program. This nuclear program is for one reason only, weapons, anyone with an inch of common sense or an inkling of idea of Shia radicalism knows this.

The debate has been raging both inside Israel and the United States.

The quotes below from the New York Times should sum up any doubt of the Americans lack of intelligence vis-a-vis the Iranian nuclear program.

Another former intelligence official said: “Iran is the hardest intelligence target there is. It is harder by far than North Korea.

“In large part, that’s because their system is so confusing,” he said, which “has the effect of making it difficult to determine who speaks authoritatively on what.”

And, he added, “We’re not on the ground, and not having our people on the ground to catch nuance is a problem.”

You see what most people do not know or understand is that Israel is on the ground in Iran, firmly on the ground, we therefore have far greater ability to decipher and analyze what the Iranians true intentions are.

On top of this, Israeli political leaders, citizens of the State, the Israeli intelligence agencies and anyone who supports Israel must also factor in the complete American naiveté that has lead them to countless debacles in the Middle-East, Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

Sorry Mr. Obama Israel cannot and should rely on America when it comes to Iran.

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