Sunday, March 18, 2012


By Simon Fischler

When a RACIST, anti-Semite, Uncle Tom, slave to Arab colonialist diplomacy like Dieudonne M'bala M'bala gets enough power to stage a protest against Jews in Belgium, Israel needs to open its eyes.

This french comedian of African decent has been brainwashed by the Arabs to hate Jews.

Fooled by the Arabs, their money and trickery Mr. M'bala Ma'bala is incapable of understanding that it is the Arabs who stole much of Africa from its rightful owners and who enslaved and sold Africans into the hands of the European Whites.

Also, it is interesting that Mr. Dieudonne does not seem to understand that being anti-Zionist is a form of anti-Semitism and of course a form of RACISM!

This is where Israel hast to wake up.

Militarily Israel may well be the strongest it has ever been. Today no Arab or Muslim (Iran) state would start a war without taking a long time to think about the harsh response the IDF would bring upon it.

It is not in the physical realm in which Israel needs to hone its arsenal of covert weapons; it is in the spheres of academia, diplomacy and world politics. This is where Israel has become weakened to the point of needing life-support.

The situation must be reversed, in the future someone like Dieudonne must be targeted immediately.

Israel (and her allies) can no longer sit idly by as her enemies change the political playing field, turning her into a pariah state.

First, her missionaries must take the stage and confront this new form of terrorist, the POLITICAL TERRORIST.

The people who demonize Israel for defending her citizens, deny her the right to exist and actively call for the destruction of her institutions are Racists, anti-Semites and Political Terrorists.

That should automatically make them targets!

To confront these targets Israel must once again use response teams. As in the past these teams must be given the ability to use all means necessary to stop this new form of terrorism.

They must be made up of citizens with extensive knowledge of Israel’s historical validity; they must understand and be able to contrast Israel’s democracy to the hodgepodge of theocracies, tyrannical monarchies and juntas of the Muslim countries surrounding her; they must be representative of Israel’s multi-ethnic society. These teams must also be able to eliminate a target like Dieudonne when the time comes.

Along with confronting and eliminating those who would use political terrorism against Israel, these teams would also work with local Jewish institutions, Pro-Israel advocacy groups, and pro-Israel academics to ready them for combat against these terrorists and their organizations.

This arena of the Arab-Israeli conflict is no simple matter, nor is it a joke. It must be recognized as a battlefield and enemies like Dieudonne M'bala M'bala cannot be given any leeway.

They must be eradicated.

The Ministry of Defense, along with Israel’s security services, are slowly becoming involved in this war, they need to mentor the members of these teams more than anything.

Large amounts of money should be spent directed into this arena to ensure Israeli success on this virtual and physical battlefield, just as the ministry of defense would allocate the resources to any other weapons project.

If these teams are mentored correctly they will be changing the political landscape in Israel’s favor on university campuses and political institutions the world over.

Ultimately they would be worth more than a squadron of F-35’s.

The Israeli government must make it one hundred percent clear to both the United States and the EU that if funding by Arab, Muslim and PA institutions to those trying to delegitimize Israel’s right to exist isn’t stopped, then there is no point in negotiations.

If the Arabs are not willing to delegitimize people like M'bala M'bala then Israel will not just skip negotiations it will eliminate these people tirelessly.

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