Saturday, March 3, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The collision between Benyamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama is inevitable.

Or, is it?

Chemistry between the pair has been so rancid for so long it would take quite a bit of bending on the American president's part to produce a more pleasant formula than the one promoted by the Chief Executive since he took office.

Whether Obama has it in him to secure Israel's security by once and for all openly going to war with Iran is doubtful except for one possibility -- the election year.

Seeking a second term, the Democrat has been a political disaster on almost every front -- economic, oil spill, Egypt, et. al. -- and there's no guarantee that he'll be re-elected despite the endless Republican bungling.

Many seers believe that Obama dearly requires "the Jewish vote" in key states and although Jews traditionally have supported the Democrats the year 2012 may prove the exception.

That's because there has been a gradual awakening by a bloc -- some will say many -- of the Jewish voters that the current administration not only has been unfriendly to Israel, but downright hostile.

The feeling is rooted in several episodes as far back as Bibi's first visit to Washington in which he was treated roughly equivalent to a galley slave from medieval times. Any improvement in the relationship since then has been by perhaps an iota or two but not much more.

As a result a portion -- we won't really know the percentage until the election is over -- of Jewish voters have taken notice of the President's obsequious-to-the-Arabs Cairo speech, his timid approach to the Iranians, his misjudgment of the Mubarak-Egyptian crisis and his far-left-leaning advisors who endlessly suggest policies dismaying to Israel.

While many Jewish Democrats will reflexively dismiss the cool-to-Israel Obama approach, enough of them who have ties -- or are just sympathetic -- to Israel will decide that the survival of the Middle East's only true democracy is more important than their partisan politics.

This feeling surely has become apparent to Obama's advisors if not the president himself. Furthermore, the White House must realize by now that Iran means business not only when it comes to threatening to destroy Israel but also its warnings that long-range missiles might very well be directed at New York, Boston and Washington, D.C. itself.

All of these facts of life may finally awaken the president to some various facts of international political life. To wit:

* SANCTIONS AGAINST IRAN: However the administration's barkers -- such as Hillary Clinton -- choose to disguise it, the collection of warnings to Tehran have caused nothing more than a mere ripple of change. The Iranians are hellbent to creating weapons of mass destruction and they may materialize sooner rather than later.

* ISRAEL THE PRIME TARGET: The Ayatollahs never have been hesitant about which country will first be in their cross-hairs. It will be the Jewish State. Period!

* END THE PROCRASTINATION: Anyone with a realistic view knows by now that the sands of time are running out at the United Nations, the European Union and the assorted other world political bodies who believe that the iranians can be stopped by peaceful means. It's time for the military approach.

Thus, when Bibi meets Barack, he will unequivocally tell him that Israel requires Uncle Sam's TOTAL support when the inevitable attack on Iran's nuclear facilities takes place.

He will tell the president that he's sick and tired of administration lackeys who -- in the past months -- have been undercutting Israel at every turn.

And he will put it as bluntly as possible; if the United States of America is a true ally of Israel, it had better step forward and prove it by supporting the Jewish State in its inevitable attack on Iran.

If Obama rejects Netanyahu, he will have a tough time selling his "I love Israel" mantra to the American Jewish voters.

The president had better think long and hard about it and even harder about what is right and what is wrong in this situation because he's spent his entire administration coddling up to the Arabs and what he's received for the past three years is nothing more than an endless face-slapping.

We await the developments and hope that once and for all Obama supports Israel -- in totality!

Superficially, the collision between Bibi and the president may seem inevitable but they invented the word "upset" for a reason!

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