Tuesday, March 6, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Much noise has been made concerning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in front of AIPAC yesterday.

The western media is saying that Bibi all but declared war on Iran.

As always, they and the politicians of the West are deaf, dumb and blind. I have written in past blogs, Israel has already declared war on Iran.

The assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists, high-level generals in the Iranian missile program and generals and personnel in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are military missions no easier to carry out successfully than attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The Mossad and Israeli military success in assassinating Iran’s top dogs at will is but one part of this war the western media ignores.

One must also add the Stutnex virus to this list of Israeli victories on the battlefield against Iran. This virtual assassination of the Iranian Nuclear program was the first of its kind and greatly disabled it.

So the truth is Bibi was not declaring war yesterday; he was doing something totally different.

Yesterday Bibi was reminding the world that Israel has been on the front line of this war against Iran for more than a decade, and that it has been calling on the world to take Iran and her plans for domination seriously

Bibi further was reminding the world that Israel has been patient for more than a decade with U.N., American and EU procrastination and appeasement of Iran’s nuclear and imperialistic goals.

By referring to the Holocaust in his AIPAC speech Bibi was reminding the world what happens to Jews when they are not allowed to fight for their inherent right to freedom and self determination. After all, it was the world’s appeasement of Hitler that lead to World War Two and the death of six million Jews at the hands of European Fascists.

He was also correct to expose to American Jews the utter MYTH that Franklin D. Roosevelt was a friend of the Jews, by reminding them of the Roosevelt administration’s treacherous failure to bomb the Nazi death camps or the railroads leading to them.

Yesterday’s speech by Benjamin Netanyahu had a very simple message to the world: You may choose to ignore history and play deaf, dumb and blind to the megalomaniac aspirations of Iran. Israel can no longer wait. When it comes to protecting the Jewish Nation and its country from another Holocaust, all options are on the table and already in motion!

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