Thursday, March 8, 2012


By Simon Fischler

My love of Israel was always bound by the dream that my nation would eventually find a way to achieve peace with its Arab neighbors.

That dream survived the whole Oslo period that was ended the day Yassar Arafat chose war over Peace at Camp David.

This dream continued through Sharon’s premiership and the withdrawal of Israeli citizens from homes they had been living in for more than forty years in the Gaza Strip.

I have voted and backed four Israeli Prime Ministers who made Israeli policy one of peace. During this period our Arab “partners” continued to claim they wanted peace, while carrying out heinously anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli policies -- which in the end always called for the destruction of Israel.

To put it simply: Arabism has not changed a scintilla, and because of this my dream of peace has been MURDERED.

Sadly, I have come to understand that this is exactly what the Arabs want.

They are willing to sit down and drink coffee and cohort with the PEACE JEWS of Israel and the world; PEACE JEWS being the ones who believe in peace at any cost. Of course, that cost is invariably the destruction of the Jewish state, Israel.

These people are not actually seeking peace but fame; they would sell their family members to make an Arab smile. However, it is imperative for everyone to understand that these Jews the Arabs love to deal with do not speak for the majority of the Jewish Nation.

Simply, their version of peace would replace Israel with yet another Arab/Muslim state, the 23rd such state! They would destroy Jewish self-determination in the land that the Jewish nation -- NOT Arab nation -- was born in.

Conversely, just as the Arabs love the PEACE JEWS, they fear true Jewish and Israeli peace seekers.

True peace seekers demand COMPROMISE, which means mutual recognition, two states for two peoples.

We are hated by the Arab side because we, the true peace seekers have exposed them for the impostors they are.

When the dream of peace has been murdered, where does one go?

With the imperialist dreams of Persia (Iran) growing and its unceasing support for tyrannical, fascist, terrorist organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah (both organizations call for genocide against Israel’s citizens) and the murderous regime of Bashar Assad in Syria, Israel cannot go much further than preparing for war.

Again, this is what the Arabs and Muslims want: war with Israel.

As they did in 1947-8, 1956, 1967, 1973, 2006 and 2009, they hope this will be the war to end all Middle East wars, the one where Israel is finally wiped off of the map.

It is vital, absolutely vital, to realize two things about the above dates: in every single instance -- with the exception of 1947-8, which was about existence, not just survival -- Israel COULD have gone further and harder than it did; and two, every single battle involved Muslims who despised each other and had only one common cause, the destruction of the Jewish nation, Israel.

If the current situation again leads to war between Israel and her Arab/Muslim neighbors and Iran, this time she must carry the war to an absolute end.

This means Israel must be ready to use all means necessary to destroy Iranian nuclear capabilities and Iran’s imperialist dreams. Israel also must be ready to remove all those who wish to destroy it from its borders.

Maybe then the Arabs will finally learn to accept our factual, historical rights to freedom, self-determination and statehood in the land that has always been Israel.

And maybe elephants will fly.

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