Thursday, March 15, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Once upon a time much of northern Africa and the Nation of Israel were close allies.

The connection between Israel and the Ethiopic Kingdoms goes all the way back to King Solomon and Queen Sheba.

During the Arab invasion and colonization of North Africa (this happened after the Arabs invaded and colonized Israel and the Levant) in the seventh century, the only obstacle for the Arabs was the Jewish Berber Queen Dahia al-Kahena (Cohen).

The Kahena fought and died trying to stop Arab imperialism, she was a Berber Jew but she fought for Africa.

Africa and Israel have also been linked in their sorrows.

It was the EUROPEAN Roman Empire that invaded and destroyed ancient Israel and the Kingdom of Judea. It was the Romans who invaded North Africa and enslaved its indigenous people.

It was the Romans who forced most of Israel’s Jewish population into exile, burned the second temple and created the name Palestina for a period in place of the Kingdom of Judea and Israel.

It was the Romans who first made an alliance with Felix Arabia (the Arab nation) against Israel.

It was white Europeans who bought Africa’s native peoples from Arab slavers and slave traders and carried them off to foreign lands.

So it is that Israel and Africa have been suffering from white European imperialism since the days of the Roman Empire and Arab colonization since the rise of Mohammed in the seventh century.

Those who ousted Qaddafi from power in Libya this year were not liberators, but just a new set of Arab imperialists ruling in a land that is not theirs. Just as those who control North Sudan have no right to rule over Nubia and the Nubian people.

In the midst of these Arabs attempts to gain control over Africa and the Levant there have been a few success stories in liberation from the Arab yoke.

The redemption and liberation of Israel by the Jewish people is one. Ethiopia has long been a stalwart of defense against Arab and Muslim invaders. Now South Sudan has won its independence (with little or no help from the UN, EU or NGOs and much military and political help from the U.S.A and Israel) from Arab colonialists who have been oppressing the indigenous population for more than a century.

The history of Israel and Africa have not just been linked at home but also in the United States.

Jewish Americans and African Americans fought side by side in the civil rights movement. The bond between the two communities was natural, both had suffered centuries of oppression and demanded that America fulfill its promise of freedom for all.

It is time again for Israel and Africa to work together to protect what rightfully belongs to them. Our peoples must again demand complete freedom from Arab attempts at colonization and domination of both north Africa and Israel.

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  1. You are so right about this! I really hope there will be such an alliance soon!