Monday, April 30, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

It's not very difficult to discern how the Arab mind works.

For the Arab mind anything Israeli stinks to high Heaven.

According to militant Islam, anything anti-Jewish is among the most wonderful things in the universe.

And here, in Hebron, we have Exhibit A which should be among the lead stories on CNN, in The New York Times, Washington Post and Haaretz.

Hey, it might even be worth discussion at the United Nations or at Hilary Clinton's latest tea.

Now that President Obama is finished telling jokes to Washington reporters, he, too, might see fit to get involved.

Ah, but it's a serious moral issue, so why bother?

This REAL story is about a Palestinian Arab who had the temerity to sell land to a Jew in the city of Hebron.

Now one might ask; why should that be any different than a Christian selling land to a Jew in Hot Springs, Atlantic City or, for that matter Jericho?

Then, again, why should it matter if land is legitimately sold to an Israeli anywhere on earth?

Well, Ali, Ali Baba, Mahmoud, it sure does matter to the Arabs because they -- to give it the understatement of the half-century -- don't like Jews. No-how!

If you want to know deep this intense hatred goes, the land-selling Arab in question has been sentenced to death for the mere purchase of land! What's worse, the death sentence soon may very well be consummated unless there's a well-spring of anger across the board; from The White House to the UN to the European Union and on to the Prime Ministership in England, among other so-called worthies.

The intended victim, Muhammad Abu Shahala, once was an intelligence officer in the Palestinian Authority. On every other count -- apart from the land sale -- this man is as innocent as Barack Obama, Joe Smith and your local cop on the beat. 

Should this horrific, defying all reasonable logic and morality execution take place, it will be under the rule of such pious Arab leaders as the PA's Abbas, Erekat and Fayyad whose ideas of peace talk consist of making demands on Israel before ever sitting down at the negotiating table.

How can the Abbas bunch ever claim to talk "peace" with Benjamin Netanyahu when it is committed to this most dastardly act of execution over a peaceful transaction?

More importantly, where are the voices of such allegedly fair-minded groups as the International Red Cross, Amnesty International and the UN?

The fate of Muhammad Abu Shahala will be more than symbolic for a date, a week, a month or a year. It will symbolize the curse of Arab hatred of Jews.

If the Palestinians allow such a massacre to take place, not only should they should be held accountable but, more than that, they should be exposed for their fraudulent attempts at being cast as "peace-makers."

The mere idea that a Palestinian Arab should be dispatched to a death squad for a legal land sale to a Jew tells you everything you need to know about the failure to achieve peace in the Middle East.

President Obama, you should be the first to denounce the PA. 

What's more, America should immediately halt any funding to so morally corrupt an outfit as the PA, let alone Hamas. The U.S. Congress should take due note and REACT. Ditto all news services, Red Cross, and all the other pious outfits claiming to support morality in the Middle East.

For the sake of an innocent man, a public plea is necessary to expose those -- like the Red Cross, the international me -- who won't intervene on behalf of Muhammad Abu Shahala.

And it must be done NOW!

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