Friday, May 4, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
While walking my dogs, as the sun rose in the east, I heard the unmistakable whoop of helicopter blades cutting through the air. 
As I looked up, I saw four Israeli Air Force Blackhawk helicopters flying at tree level towards Lebanon. 
Mind you, where I live in El Rom we are less than two miles from the Syrian border. 
As they flew past me I could see the soldiers inside, that is how low they were flying. 
What an amazing feeling, knowing that the sons and daughters of my fellow citizens, members of a citizen army were flying off to protect me, my family, my neighbors and my fellow Israeli’s.
As Hezbollah skulks behind Lebanese citizens like roaches, the children of Israel fly high in the sky like the Eagles of the west. 
Hamas too hides behind phony, colonial, human rights activists and the citizens of Gaza; like snakes in the grass. On the other hand our boys and girls stand in front of our citizens to protect them; like lions of Judah!
The boys and girls of the IDF go out of their way to protect even those who wish harm upon their country and nation. While Assad and the Syrian army cower, fight, murder and commit genocide against their own citizens who demand freedom. 
The boys and girls of the IDF fight to protect those who love liberal, democratic values. 
Do you? 

When I saw those helicopters passing over, carrying our boys, I knew at that moment the foolishness behind post-Zionism. As I looked up in the sky I saw the children of my co-patriots flying by, off to protect our nation. 

There they were, still putting their lives on the line, even after sixty four years  of fighting the Arab colonialist aspirations to destroy Jewish freedom and self-determination. 

When I saw our boys and girls fly by, I saw the folly in every Uncle Tom Jew and Israeli that try so hard too make us think badly of our great nation and the boys and girls who fight for it. 
Yes, this morning I was so thankful to see my boys and girls, the children of Zionism, the future of the Jewish Nation flying off to look after our great nation. 
This morning it was a blessing to see the BLACKHAWKS OF DAWN! 

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