Saturday, May 26, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

If Mitt Romney is serious about de-throning Barack Obama by winning the Jewish vote, the Republican candidate already has all the ammunition he needs.

Romney's starting gun should fire off with the President's sanctimonious comment at the last AIPAC convention that he has "Israel's back."

Obama merely re-defined hypocrisy with his duplicity-riddled statement. What's more, the facts are all there for Romney to clearly define and employ them in order to garner the Jewish votes. To wit:

* WHERE'S ISRAEL'S CAPITAL: Since the birth of the Middle East's only working democracy, Israel's capital has been Jerusalem. It's the Knesset's home, the Prime Minister's residence and the base of Israel's assorted governmental bureaus. 

Yet, the White House says, no, Israel's capital is -- there's a brief pause here for station identification -- well, Obama, Inc. isn't sure where it is. This dastardly revelation was underlined at a recent State Department news conference during which a reporter queried the Department's spokeswoman about Uncle Sam's stand on Jerusalem as capital of Israel. 

Repeated queries brought the same reply that Jerusalem's status still must be negotiated between Israel and Who Knows Who.

Negotiated. What is there to negotiate? The unalterable fact has been on the ground since David Ben Gurion established the Jewish State in 1948 and planted the capital's flag in Jerusalem; not Tel Aviv, not Haifa and not Eilat.

"Is Jerusalem or is it not Israel's capital?" the journalist finally demanded of the State Department lady. 

No, she would not acknowledge same and rudely halted the questioning with the comment, "I already told you (that it must be negotiated)."

Now you know and I know and Mitt Romney knows full well that Ms. State Department merely was articulating the position of her boss, Hillary Clinton, and the not-Jerusalem platform established for the Secretary of State by the president.

If, in fact, Obama has "Israel's back," he would unequivocally assert what we all acknowledge; that Jerusalem is the capital; no ifs, ands or buts. But you'll hear nothing of the kind from Pennsylvania Avenue because the Chief Executive does not recognize what every Israeli -- and American Jews -- do; that the country's government is in Jerusalem. 

Therefore, why would any Israeli-loving American Jew vote for someone who won't support Israel on a clear-cut issue?

* THE IRANIAN THREAT: Where is Obama when Israel is threatened with extinction by Iran? The madman Ahmadinejad continually reiterates his kill-the-Jews position and just last week one of Iran's top generals unequivocally stated that Iran is "committed to Israel's annihilation." 

No matter how you shake it, those are more than fighting words, they have overtones of  an Iranian second Holocaust policy now espoused by the chief of staff of the iranian armed forces. 

Now if Uncle Sam's chief executive really had "Israel's back," he would have unequivocally denounced Ahmadinejad and his top general in the strongest possible terms while supporting an Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. 

Of course not a peep has been heard from the White House and for good reason; Obama has been kow-towing to the ayotollahs despite their continuous -- and meaningful -- threats against Israel. Ahmadinejad laughs at the "sanctions," knowing full well that they will not halt his country's move toward nuclear domination of the Middle East.

Experts in the field such as Jamie Fly, former advisor to the George W. Bush administration, and former Pentagon defense planner Matthew Koenig are clearly pointing out that interim agreements with the Iranians are worthless.

"On Iran," they recently wrote in the Washington Post, "Obama has dangled plenty of carrots. It's time to pull out some sticks. There's little reason to believe that Iran is serious about doing anything other than using the coming weeks to enrich more uranium and make progress toward a nuclear weapon."

Obama's only concern is the Autumn election and with that in mind, he will continue to stall and stall and stall until the votes are in whereupon he'll swing into his naive vision of nuclear reduction and global disarmament. That will include demands that Israel shut down its nuclear facilities. Jews in America and Israel should be aware that the president's long-term goal is to make nice to a Muslim world that hates America almost as much as it does the Jewish State.

Writing in IsraelHayom, columnist Dan Margalit accurately discerns what's behind the agreement that the International Atomic Energy Agency reached with Iran.

"At its core," Margalit correctly concludes, "the agreement is merely a goodwill gesture by the Iranians aimed at facilitating Obama's re-election in November."

And this Obama guy says he has "Israel's back." 

Mitt Romney, if you want the Jewish vote, the facts are there and cannot be denied by Hillary, her lackeys and certainly not the president who will repeatedly stab Israel -- front or back -- to win re-election!


  1. Shalom. Excellent article, extremely well composed and articulated. My question is could I copy and share this on my pages?

  2. The Saudi connection has so far made it difficult for the US to take a clear stand.