Friday, June 1, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

It is time for a NEW Israeli foreign policy. 

Now that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has put together one of the largest coalitions in Israeli history, he has the power to do this. 

Hopefully Bibi will realize that Israel’s new foreign policy MUST be based on one overriding principle: there will never be a Right of Return for Arab refugees.

This policy is an absolute necessary and is needed in part to refute the fallacies and revisionist history created by the Arab world. 

The government of Israel must educate foreign diplomats to the reality that Palestinians’ claim to a Right of Return is not a Right at all, but merely a made-up hope. 

Too many in this world are ignorant of the United Nation’s make-up and do not understand the difference between a United Nations General Assembly vote and a United Nations Security Council vote.

Anything passed by the General Assembly is nothing more than a suggestion; it is not a law, nor is it binding to the states addressed in the resolution. 

Anything passed by the Security Council becomes international law immediately and states addressed in the law must adhere to it. It is undeniable fact that the Arab world chose to ignore UN Security Council Resolution 242 IN 1967. Ironically they now want to negotiate from the1967 boundaries they originally refused!

As for the phony “Right of Return” the Arabs propagate today, it is written in General Assembly Resolution 194: not international law; not binding and ultimately holding no true legitimacy.
On top of this, when the resolution passed the General Assembly in 1948, the Arabs refused to accept it. This fact alone negates ANYTHING written inside of the resolution, which stipulated both sides needed to accept each other on peaceful terms!

What is binding, international Law and was accepted by Israel and refused by the Arabs is Security Council Resolution 242, which clearly states the need to find “A just resolution to the Refugee Problem”.  

Resolution 242 was written this way for a reason: it does not say “Palestinian Refugees,” which means it pertains to both Arab AND JEWISH refugees. 

Resolution 242 clearly states the need to find a “just” resolution. This, in turn, means that in no way, shape or form can Arabs -- bred for generations to HATE Israel and Jews – be brought into Israel. It absolutely means that the grandchildren of Arabs who left at their leaders’ behest have NO “Right of Return” whatsoever.

It means in no way, shape or form will Israel accept refugees created by a war the ARABS started. It means in no way, shape or form will Israel accept an Arab policy intent upon destroying the Jewish Majority of Israel and ultimately in destroying the State of Israel itself.

Most of all it means that when the Arabs decide to do what all UN Resolutions and international law have called on them to do -- accept Israel as the Jewish, Democratic Nation State -- they will receive  a state of their own in what land remains for them.

They are then welcome to call this state Palestine (a colonialist European name that comes from Rome) or whatever they want. Further, the Arab refugees created by Arab colonial hatred then can return to that state AND THAT STATE ALONE.

This MUST be the new Israeli foreign policy of Benjamin Netanyahu. 

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