Sunday, June 17, 2012


By Simon Fischler
Historically, weak American and European diplomacy towards the Arabs has forever halted the ability for Israel to live in peace.
Today the situation is even worse for Israel thanks to the weak, Arab appeasing government of Barak Obama. 
The naiveté and weakness of the Obama administration has given the Palestinians the feeling that they can dictate what they want to Israel and all international organizations, even if it is contrary to international law! 
Obamas inability to recognize friend(Israel) from foe (Palestinians) has given the Palestinian leadership the hopes that they can nail Israel to a cross: with a Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian Independence.
UNDENIABLE FACT; A unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence would be ILLEGAL IN INTERNATIONAL LAW, because of accords signed during the Oslo agreements. 
It would also be in direct violation of UN resolution 242 and once again INTERNATIONAL LAW, which demands a negotiated agreement.
This international piracy carried out by the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians is nothing new; it would just be yet another Arab rejection of UN resolution 242, making it even more null and void! 
But that does not seem to bother the Palestinians, and it never has! 
By unilaterally declaring independence the Palestinians believe they will get world support behind them.
This process failed for the Palestinian leadership last year, but the Arabs have never been good at learning from their mistakes! 
So, why are the Palestinians rejecting the negotiations they are obligated to carry out under international law?
Once again their hopes are in defeating Israel totally and wiping it out.
Knowing they cannot do it through military means the Arabs are attempting to do it diplomatically; thus capturing their main goals: all the land in Judea and Samaria, East Jerusalem, the Temple Mount and the fallacy of the Right if Return for all Palestinian refugees. WHICH JUST MEANS THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL!
The government of Israel must mobilize quickly to pre-empt and be ready YET AGAIN for this duplicitous Palestinian ploy at the U.N. when and if it happens. 
The question is how do you do that?
There will be two, possibly three, stages of fighting Israel must prepare for.
Pre-State diplomatic battle- 
Israel must start – now -- by emphasizing the criminality of the act, both in International Law; in stark contrast to UN resolution 242. 
If the Palestinians unilaterally declare statehood and break UN resolution 242, Israel will no longer be obliged to abide by any of the UN resolutions pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the Oslo accords. 
Israel then could annex whatever lands it desires, with no land given back in return.
Post Palestinian state declaration-
Israel should be the first state to recognize the new Palestinian entity.
That’s right! 
Israel, as it has in the past, should recognize the Palestinians right to freedom and self-determination. 
But it must be stressed that should the Palestinians have their state, they must now bear the full responsibility of statehood!
Israel will stop protecting the PA from Hamas. 
Israel will stop supplying the Palestinians with electricity, gas, water and etc. That would become the responsibility of the new Palestinian government and their oil-rich Arab brethren!
Most importantly the Palestinian state will have to take full responsibility for policing and controlling its population. 
If they fail to do this Israel legally will be able to declare war on Palestine.
War with Palestine-
After Israel’s recognition of Palestine, it needs to let the Palestinians attempt to run their country with no interference; even helping wherever possible.
But at the FIRST INSTANCE of Palestinian aggression, Israel must launch a lighting quick ground campaign like Russia’s war with Georgia, or Israel’s Six Day War. 
It will have to be quick and PUNISHING; all of the Palestinian state will have to be taken over. 
When the dust finally settles and the UN steps in, Israel will only agree to leave all areas occupied during the war for permanent peace, recognizing Israel as the Jewish nation state… NOTHING LESS!

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