Thursday, June 7, 2012


By Simon Fischler

As the culture of delegitimizing Israel and the Jewish nation garners strength around the world it must be clear to everyone that this culture is pure anti-Semitism and pure evil.

Let’s be honest, what is happening to Israel and Israelis today has nothing to do with freedom, justice or even self-determination for the Palestinians.

Today, people downright hate our country and our people, and they hate us for no real reason whatsoever.

Today those who stand against Israel are not asking her to make peace, they are asking her to commit suicide.

Why do these people feel it is right to take an eighty percent, majority Jewish country, living in its own land and turn it into another majority Arab country?

Only because of a deep rooted hatred towards the Jewish nation.

Why is it right to deny our people, who have fought so hard to protect our homes, families and lives, the right to self-determination?

Of course if you ask the question above, you must remember to ask why humans once thought it was acceptable to ship Jews off to concentration camps to burn in the fires of anti-Semitic Europe.

This is our nation, we built it from nothing, and why are we any less right in wanting to maintain our own self-determination?

My fellow citizens have worked so hard to build a flourishing democracy (a democracy so strong an Arab member of the Knesset can actually attend Israel Apartheid Week) that looks after ALL of its citizens.

We are not the ones who are wrong! We are incredibly right, in fact to right.
Anyone who actually does the historical research knows this. 

Anyone who takes the time to actually look at what Apartheid South Africa was would have to be either incapable of processing information or filled with truly malicious intent to say that Israel carries out Apartheid laws.

Truth be told it is the Palestinian and Palestinian Nationalism that has always been based on nothing but colonialism and racism! 

Israel is a democracy, a democracy for all her citizens. Anyone who says different is spitting downright anti-Semitism! 

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    Robin (ex Israeli Soldier, past anti terrorist agent and now trying to raise funds from America Jews that have abandon Israel to help protect the Galilee with the Israel longhorn project