Friday, June 15, 2012


By Simon Fischler 

Once again the Obama administration is calling for a resumption of peace negotiations between the Israeli government and the Palestinians. 
While Obama calls for peace, good American tax payer money is being flushed down the toilet by the Palestinian Leadership! 
Mahmoud Abbas and his underlings in the Palestinian Authority have become worse than Yassar Arafat in his heyday.
The United States of America and the European Union have both called on Israel and the Palestinians to return to the Peace table. 
The Palestinians refuse! 
Abbas sees things differently! According to him the Palestinians have no pre-conditions for renewing peace negotiations.
Maybe then he can explain the demands that Israel freeze all settlement building in Judea and Samaria! That, sounds like a pre-condition doesn't it? 
He claims he has no pre-conditions, then demands that Israel and the international community recognize the 1949 armistice line as the border of a future Palestinian state!
Only after these demands are met will King Abbas return to talk peace!  
If this were to happen then there would be no reason for Abbas to return to the table because there would be nothing to negotiate. Especially being that the Palestinians have said clearly that they refuse to compromise on their core issues, like the fallacy they call the Palestinian Right of Return! 
SO why in the world should Israel give an inch? The past has proven the Arab perfidy when talking peace with Jews! Truth be told, the Arabs intentions of making peace with Israel are as insidious as the name Palestine and Palestinian! 
America needs to realize that the Palestinians do not want to talk peace with Israel. Coming to the negotiating table means, compromise and an agreement that would create a genuine peace. That means mutual respect! 
This does not fit into the Arab, "Palestinian" playbook, it never has!   
The Arabs are not interested in real peace, or at least one that would recognize both nations’ (one Arab that they can call Palestine, one Jewish, that already exists!) right to independence.
Just like in 1948 the Arabs still want all the land for themselves, their goal is to destroy Israel and Jewish self-determination, not create a made up state called Palestine.  
Undeniable, historical facts show us the Arabs have always rejected peace and mutual recognition in the end, this has been demonstrated on numerous occasions. The Arab rejection of the U.N. partition plan, rejection of U.N. resolution 242, Arafats rejection of peace in 2000 at Camp David and the Abbas rejection of the Olmert peace plan.
UNTIL America, the EU and the UN demand that the Palestinians live up to the standards of international law, accept what peace and an independent Palestine means (full recognition of Israel as the Jewish Nation state, and accepting less land then they would have received at Camp David) there is no reason for an Israeli Prime Minster to even consider giving up Land for Peace! 
There will be no peace without the truth of Israel and Jewish self-determination! 

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