Sunday, June 17, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

The Egyptians are proving that the "Arab Spring" has been poisoned.

For more salt in toxic Islam, we have Assad's Syrian assassins. 

With the Muslim Brotherhood adding salt to the wounds in and out of Damascus, the United Nations and its conspicuous clown, Kofi Annan, have -- as expected -- failed to halt the incessant slaughter. 

While the international media chooses to ignore it, the Arab Spring also includes a continuation of rocketry that assails Israel with increased capacity to kill Jews.

One might expect a reaction from the American president who boasts of spending a billion dollars on his re-election campaign but has no time for actually doing his presidential duties; except, of course, when it comes to pushing Israel into a corner.

Obama soon will insist that Benjamin Netanyahu sit across a table from somebody -- who knows who? -- from the Arab side. But why?

Well, for one thing, The White House lives in a fictional world. It believes that a fair dialogue can be established between Israel and its adversaries. That assumes that both sides are willing to be reasonable. 

But reason does not exist within the Arab negotiating camp, and it all begins with Mahmoud Abbas' demands of pre-conditions. How can one reasonably start a negotiating session when demands are issued in advance? Impossible.

That said, consider the Arab constituency which has been trained at every level to hate Jews as the enemy of all enemies. 

In Gaza, a recent "graduation" ceremony featured enough anti-Israel propaganda pumped into classrooms that you'd wonder why similar scenarios are not generated on the other side. 

As anyone who knows Israel can tell you, the fabric of Jewish society -- be it in Tel Aviv, Eilat or Haifa -- is woven with peace organizations. You see it in un-censored columns daily in Haaretz; you see it in kindergarten classes. You see it at the Knesset. 

If you had a shekel for every Israeli peacenik, you could comfortably retire to any Mediterranean beach resort for the rest of your life. 

Thus, it stands to reason, that Israelis really do want peace; just as they did at Oslo (mistake), Camp David and assorted other sites that brought Jewish frustration upon more frustration.

The reason is as simple as understanding why Arabs have endlessly massacred Jews. Exhibit A -- since it is so timely -- was the killing of 137 Iraqi Jews in 1941. I bring it up because the 71st anniversary of that mass butchery was held on Sunday. 

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Zvi Gabay notes that "The attack occurred without provocation." Not only did the carnage result in mass bloodshed but property was looted as well. Only because some Arabs figured it was a good time to kill Jews. Who needed provocation? If Hitler didn't why would any Iraqi Arab need it at the same time?

Given a similar opportunity today, you can bet that those trained to hate Israel in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon and Egypt -- among other enemies -- would do so in an Arab second. And if you want to know the reason why, just ask one who understands Islamic thinking; Arab reporter-columnist Khaled Abu Toameh.

"When was the last time an Arab parliament or prominent politician or columnist called for peace and compromise with Israel?" asks Abu Toameh. "Can anyone in the Palestinian territories or the Arab world form a party that advocates peace, coexistence and harmony with Israel? 

"On the contrary, the only voices that are being heard among Palestinians and other Arabs are those who seek to boycott and delegitimize Israel. Any Palestinian or Arab who dares to talk to Israelis or visit Israel is accused of being a traitor for promoting 'normalization' with the 'Zionist enemy.'"

Hey, it's not only Jews who are targets of Islamic hate. Christians are victims as well. In Tunisia -- another example of the Arab Spring -- Muslims recently sliced the head off a young man who converted to Christianity. That Arab "crime" of apostasy actually was aired via video on a program called "Egypt Today." The immensely graphic video took four minutes to complete.

Reporter Raymond Ibrahim notes that there's no attempt by Arab executioners to hide the slaughter; they actually pray to Allah while so doing. 

"They supplicate Allah to make the lives of Christians and Jews 'hostage to misery; drape them with endless despair, unrelenting pain and unremitting ailment,'" writes Ibrahim, "'fill their lives with sorrow and pain and end their lives in humiliation and oppression.'" 

Does Obama really believe that there's an Arab peace camp capable of negotiating a true peace? Abu Toameh has the answer:

"The Palestinians have been radicalized to a point where it is almost impossible to talk about peace and coexistence with Israel. For Palestinians, the true heroes are suicide bombers who  blew themselves up in cafes and buses, killing innocent civilians."

The American president should know that a genuine Arab peacemaker will show up the day elephants fly!

If he can digest that reality -- you know that he won't -- then a realistic American view would be to once and for all side with the those who genuinely want peace; the Israelis!

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  1. Again I ask why Dr. Itzhak is so concerned about Arabs killing Arabs in Syria?