Tuesday, June 19, 2012


By Simon Fischler
Alice Walker, THE NAZI, is at it again.
Walker’s embarrassing inability to raise eyebrows during last years failed Gaza Flotilla has not stopped the little, black Nazi’s motivation to hate, lie and delegitimize Jews and the Jewish Nation State.
This might not sit well with a multitude of feminists, but one of your angels, Alice Walker, truly is nothing more than a charlatan, a fascist and a Nazi. You might want to think about ridding yourself of her as a role model.
Her attitude towards Israel can only be summoned up by the most fanatical of Nazi principles.
Alice Walker has denied Yediot Books, an Israeli publishing company, the right to translate The Color Purple into Hebrew. 
Her refusal, as she puts it, is because Israel is an Apartheid State.
She furthered her BLATANT LIES by stating that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians was worse than what was perpetrated upon African Americans during the civil rights movement.
Either Walker is downright stupid and/or completely ignorant to the histories of Israel and the American South during the civil rights movement, or her words are imbued with the twisted mendacity of a true Nazi!
Because we know Walker is not stupid, nor can she possibly be that ignorant, we thus know the words uttered from Walker ‘s putrid mouth are what truly make her a Nazi.
Her actions are no different from those who boycotted and banned Jewish businesses in Nazi Germany -- simply because they hated Jews. Ironically Walker’s boycott song is more in tune to the white southerners who oppressed Blacks and Jews of the American south!
Alice Walker, the feminist who disowned her daughter solely because she decided to have a child, has no problem overlooking the disgusting treatment of woman in Palestinian society.
She could care less about the undeniable Palestinian/Arab chauvinism. Her hatred towards Jews and Israel gives Walker the ability to overlook female genital mutilation, Honor Killings and the outright racist policies of Palestinian – and all Arab --society towards Jews, or worse today, towards Black Africans.
Alice Walker can deny or ignore HISTORICAL FACTS such as Israel’s offer of full peace and full statehood to the Palestinians in return for recognition of Israel as the Jewish Nation State; something that the Arabs rejected! 
Because Walker is a Nazi, she can overlook the HISTORICAL FACT that Israel has done more to create a State for the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, than the Palestinian leadership has. 
Because Walker is a Nazi, she overlooks the FACT that international law grants Jews their self-determination and Nationhood in Israel. 
This law was granted to the Jews under the United Nations Charter and at the San Remo convention. 
Because of Walker’s convoluted malice towards Jews and Israel she is capable of ignoring the HISTORICAL FACT that the Arabs/Palestinians have always denied and acted against international law. 
The Arabs have unremittingly rejected numerous United Nations law, starting with their rejection of General Assembly resolution 194 and followed by their rejection of Security Council resolution 242! 
It does not bother Alice Walker that the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians have always denied Jews their equal rights to self-determination under international law.
Nor does it bother Walker that the Palestinian leadership, from President Mahmoud Abbas to chief negotiator Saeb Erekat, have on numerous occasions promised their people the future state of Palestine will be JEW FREE! 
Alice Walker ignores the fact that it is illegal, punishable by death, for Arabs in the Palestinian territories to sell land to Jews! 
Ms. Walker’s nefarious words against Israel overlook the fact that Arab Israelis have complete freedom, can live and play where they wish in Israel, can vote for the Knesset, can be members in the Knesset, can be supreme court judges. 
Does this even vaguely resemble apartheid? NO!
Ms. Walker overlooks the fact that Arab Israelis can enjoy all of the aforementioned rights and freedoms, while also free to call for the destruction of Israel!  
Calling for the destruction of one’s own country would mean a certain death sentence to Arab citizens of ANY ARAB NATION! 
This type of bigoted, racism is cool with Walker, but why?
Because as a Nazi, Walker truly believes that hating Jews and denying them their rights is acceptable!
Walker and the movement she is so obsessed with -- the anti-Israel movement -- have always been allied with the Nazi party, whether any of them are aware of it or not.
This is a fact and dates all the way back to World War II, when Jerusalem mufti and leader of the Arab population of the British Mandate over Israel, Haj Amin al-Husseini sided with NAZI LEADER ADOLF HITLER.
Husseini went the extra mile, just like Walker, and created a final solution for the Jews of Israel. The Arab movement and the Nazi cause are one and the same. They always have worked on Nazi principles.
This Nazi streak in Alice Walker gives her the ability overlook the recently released fact that the ARAB TERRORIST MURDERERS of Israel athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics worked with German Neo-Nazis in studying routes, streets, traffic and the infiltration of the Olympic camp in Munich.
Walker, the members of the International Solidarity Movement, the Boycott Divestment and Sanction movement are all proof that there really is no such thing as a “Neo”-Nazi.
There are only Nazis, and there is nothing new about what they are trying to do.
The fact that the Boycott of Israel is much stronger in Europe (THE HEART, SOUL AND BASE OF ANTI-SEMITISM AND NAZISM FROM THE AGE OF ROME TO NAZI GERMANY) than in the United States of America is proof to the Nazi pudding of principles being used against Israel.
Alice Walker, you are nothing more than an African American Joseph Goebbels! Just because your skin color is black does not mean you are not a bigoted, racist, Nazi!
We do not need your book here in Israel, thank you very much.
Lastly, Ms. Walker, the offensive, untrue, insidious, Nazi subterfuge emanating from your mouth against Israel will do nothing to change the legitimate rights of Israel and the Jewish Nation. 
By the way Alice Walker, do you know where Syria is and what is happening there by any chance? 
Maybe if you were not so intent on espousing Nazi rhetoric against Israel you would realize how stupid you look criticizing the only democracy in the middle-east, while a ruthless Arab dictator mass murders his citizens on a daily basis! 

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  1. It is extremely important that we find a long term solution for the middle east.
    So many governments have so many financial interests in the region that makes it difficult for them to take sensibel stands.

    In Syria masskillings is taking place and we do not really do anything.