Wednesday, May 23, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
It is time for Israel’s eighty percent Jewish majority to boycott Israeli Arabs, their towns and their businesses!
African Americans (and liberal-to-moderate whites) boycotted white-owned companies and businesses in Alabama and elsewhere in the American South during the Civil Rights movement. We Jewish Israelis must show Israel’s Arab population that their racist policies against the state that gives them the greatest freedom in the world will no longer come for free – by doing the same! 
After the actions of Arab Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi this week, there appears to be no other choice. Speaking of choice, MK Tibi’s congratulations to the South African government for its anti-Semitic, anti-Israel decision to label products made in Judea and Samaria “Not Made in Israel” is at the heart of this matter. 
Tibi’s action, made by an Israel Knesset member -- someone sworn to support Israel --is beyond unacceptable. There are countries – particularly Islamic ones – where his support of a boycott movement against his own country would be declared treason, with a death sentence attached.
And the bitter truth is that Tibi’s choice to congratulate and encourage policies pushed by a clearly anti-Israel, anti-Semitic organization, The Boycott, Divest and Sanction movement IS treason. Certainly it is a gross abuse of the democracy in which Tibi is allowed to function.
This treasonous behavior of Israel’s Arab population, which has become a pasttime of many, has become too much to accept, starting with the overwhelmingly racist and self-inflicted Nakba Day. 
Nakba is the day Arabs who live and flourish in Israel cry about the fact that their leaders did not succeed in committing national genocide against the Jewish population of Israel back in 1947-48.
On Nakba Day the Arabs cry, bemoaning the fact that they listened to those same leaders and evacuated their homes in the land that is now Israel. Worse, their leaders were unable to kill, rob, steal and displace the Jewish Nation from its homeland! 
So ALL Nakba Day consists of is the Arabs’ continued ability to deny historical fact and the truth of their own actions, instead blaming the State of Israel – in which they live and thrive and which is ALLOWING them to sit around and whine like this! 
Israel, albeit a democracy, has no room for perpetual scapegoating and denial like this or that you see in today’s Western society.
Today I call on all true Israelis who love their nation to BOYCOTT all Arab towns, Souks, stores and places of business – sending a clear message to both the Arabs of Israel and the disgusting, obscene BDS Movement. 
This is an enormous, difficult task, because Israel – completely unlike the apartheid BDS and others would have you think exists in Israel – is a largely mixed society. While the majority of Arabs choose to live in their own cities and towns, they also work and carry on businesses outside of their home communities. 
This can mean that the nurse in charge of the cardiac doctor’s office at Belanson Hospital in Petah Tikvah is an Arab. How does one “boycott” her? Should she lose her job because she is represented by a treasonous idiot? 
This can mean that the local convenience store open on Shabat is run by Arabs, and the favorite Saturday night restaurant is run by Lebanese, Turks, or Druse. Are they the “enemy” or are they fellow loyal citizens of Israel? Terribly difficult choices and decisions must be made – all because MK Tibi is unable to appreciate which side of his pita has the hummus on it!
Levity aside, somehow the Arabs of Israel must understand that they can no longer enjoy a free ride in Israel. If they behave in treasonous fashion, they must pay for it, financially as well as physically. 
The anti-Semites at BDS must be forced to understand that their racist actions against Israel will worsen the lives of Arabs who live in Israel 
It is time for Israel and its citizens to stand up and say we are NOT a “catastrophe.” In fact, we are THE CORRECTION of ARAB/EUROPEAN IMPERIALIST WRONGS AND CATASTROPHES committed again and again against the Jewish Nation, particularly since the inception of Islam.
Unlike the foreign, colonial Arabs, whose nation was not born in Israel, the Jewish Nation was born here. We the Jewish Nation have lived in Israel since long before Jesus, Mohammad or the Arabs ever existed here. 
The Jewish Nation has survived in Israel through Greek, Roman, Crusader, European and Arab colonial rule. We will never again surrender our self-determination.
If you refuse to accept the national rights of the Jewish Nation then you must PAY FOR IT!

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