Tuesday, May 15, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Catherine Ashton is the European Union's pooh-bah when it comes to making major statements on the Middle East; but never a just peace pact that works.

In case you didn't know, Ashton also happens to be an English baroness -- for what that's worth -- and the highest-paid female politician in the world. And that's worth plenty!

You'd think that with all her alleged brains and all her non-alleged dough she'd have what was known in the old-old country as "saichel," or super-smarts.

And if Baroness Ashton was gifted with "saichel," she would understand that her favorite country, Great Britain, would be in deep trouble if neighboring Scotland on one side and Ireland on the other side and Wales on the third side decided to make major trouble for Merrie Olde England.

The filthy rich baroness would take a dim view at all that, esepcially if, say, the Irish armed themselves with enough rockets to blitz London once more, Nazi-style. 

Then again, the smirk would be wiped off her face if the Scots decided they didn't want to be pals with the descendants of John Bull anymore. You can bet that Catherine The Not-So-Great would be up in arms, waxing wroth as only a baroness can.

But when it comes to making peace in the Middle East, Ashton's political insight-foresight-hindsight could be generously recorded at 120-120-120 vision; otherwise known as astigmatic.

More specifically, in Israel's case, the baroness has one focus; she's fixated on Jews building homes. it doesn't matter whether they're putting up houses in East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem, Judea nor Samaria, this construction irks her no end. In fact, Ashton gets so hot and bothered about Jews building house that's all she appears to talk about it while excluding the genuine threats to peace. And that's where she should translate her imagination to reality.

Start with the latest threat from Lebanon where the ever-hiding Hassan Nasrallah publically boasts that his Hezbollah bandits now have enough rockets to bomb any part of Israel -- with special attention to Tel Aviv. 

The reason why this warning is real can be directly attributed to the United Nations inability to fulfill its role in demilitarizing Hezbollah in the wake of the Lebanese War. Then again when it comes to the UN -- check out Syria -- its impotence in curbing such violence is part of the world outfit's branding -- as useless.

In terms of Ashton, she should imagine the Lebanese threat in the same terms as the possibility of Scots shooting rockets at London. Then she should factor in the latest movement in Egypt to end its peace treaty with Israel. In a recent debate Egyptian presidential hopefuls Amr Moussa and Abdel Moneim Abol Fotouh said that Israel is an adversary and an enemy. A recent poll reveals that a majority of Egyptians feel that way.

How would Baroness Ashton feel if Irish politicians decided to go to war with England; with substantial popular support for that in Eire?

And what if France -- copying the Iranian leaders -- threatened to wipe out Great Britain as soon as the French fully developed nuclear weapons? 

In those threatening circumstances, I seriously doubt whether the European Union's high commissioner would be wringing her hands in distress over some homes being built by the French in neighboring Belgium or Luxembourg.

Say this for Baroness Ashton, she has friends when it comes to irrationally putting a political microscope on Israel.

Her gal-pal Hillary Clinton is another fixated on the Israel construction industry as if it's a threat to world peace, Middle East peace, Judea and Samaria peace and throw in peace in East and West Jerusalem. 

This is the same Secretary of State whose cheery homilies about settling the endless Syrian massacres are about as useless as used toilet tissue. And don't even ask us about her boss, Obama. His interest in Syria is about as intense as his concern over the outcome of the North Dakota youth table tennis championships.

Of course, Clinton and Obama would widen their attention and concern if the Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper pulled a Nasrallah and threatened Washington with rocketry extinction. Nor would Barack The Beautiful react with joy if Mexico declared its peace treaty with Uncle Sam as null and void.

As the endless bloodshed in Syria proves, neither the White House nor the European Union, nor the UN nor any other world body has the backbone to successfully intercede.

But when it comes to what Ashton, Clinton and Obama call "settlement building," that's when they get their political bowels in an uproar. 

Victor Davis Hanson, author of "The End of Sparta," and a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, fingers the problem as well as anyone.

"In the world of a narcissistic Barack Obama," says Hanson, "rhetoric need not translate into reality."

Ditto for Baroness Ashton and the one who hopes to be the first female president. 

All three confuse the threat of home-building with the horror of exploding rockets!

This much is certain, when it comes to Israel's well-being, "saichel" they don't have!

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