Sunday, July 1, 2012


By Simon Fischler

Dear Friends and Supporters, 

I can finally say that Big Brother truly is watching me!

Google has banned my ads promoting my pro-Israel blog on Google Adsense! They have done this because I was supposedly writing hate speech!

My crime was simple; I dared, to call an established, wealthy, far left activist or, let us say, a member of the intellectual Elite in Obamerica a Nazi.

This activist happens to be Alice Walker and she is a Nazi!

I made no remarks about Alice Walker’s race.

I did not (unlike Spike Lee who thought he was Tweeting the address of George Zimmerman and his family and instead, like the idiot that he is, Tweeted the residence of a seventy year old couple) tweet the address of Alice Walker’s residence!

Again, unlike Spike Lee, I did not call for anyone to physically hurt Alice Walker!

I did not, in any way write Hate Speech!

What I did do was tell the truth and apparently in Obamerica telling the truth is the same as hate speech! 

Alice Walker is a Nazi because, like the Nazis of old and new, she is calling for the destruction of the Jewish Nation. 

She may not be some goose-stepping, S.S. uniform-clad Nazi, but she is still a Nazi! 

Like the Nazis of World War II, she calls for boycotting the Jewish Nation. 

Like Hitler propagandists, she demonizes the Jewish nation and worse she also demonizes the movement for Jewish liberty and self-determination, which is Zionism! 

She supports Arab Nazis like Hamas and overlooks the continuous, genocidal, racist policies of the Arab world against Israel. 

She also overlooks the continuous crimes against humanity the Arab nations have committed against Israel and its citizens.

She is thus by definition a Nazi, not a bigot as many have said, BUT A NAZI and calling her one is not Hate Speech! 

In fact, anything she has to say about the state of Israel, along the lines of what she has said previously should definitely be classified as hate speech. Has Google banned Alice Walker? I imagine not! 

Google and the fascists who hope to stop me from reaching citizens of the world who seek the truth will not succeed! They will not shut me up, whether they like it or not! 

I will continue to spread the truth about Alice Walker, Annie Lennox, Vanessa Redgrave, Elvis Costello and any other celebrity-empowered anti-Israel, Nazi fascists who seek the destruction of the State of Israel.

I would like to thank all of my supporters. 


Simon Fischler

P.S.- Bravo Google, way to strip the supposed “Information Highway” of information, truth and original thought! I guess if we fail to live up to the false, unnatural standards of Political Correctness Google will just ban us! 

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