Sunday, July 29, 2012


By Simon Fischler 
It’s time to boycott the boycotters! 
The time has come for the supporters of Israel, the Jewish Nation and those who love freedom to come out and fight ruthlessly against the boycott of Israel.
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they call Israel -- a liberal democracy that gives all of her citizens, Arab Israelis included, the freedom of speech, freedom to vote and freedom to live – an apartheid, racist state, while turning a blind eye to Palestinian racism towards Jews and Israel.
After all, it was Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator of the “MODERATE” Palestinian Authority, who said clearly that not one Jew would be allowed to live in the State of Palestine!
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they want to point the finger at Israel, while ignoring that a Jew cannot buy land in Jordan, simply because he is a Jew!
 Is that not racial discrimination?
Boycott the boycotters of Israel. They castigate Israel for enforcing its blockade of the Gaza Strip, yet the butcher of Syria, Assad continues to slaughter his people.
The boycotters want to boycott Israel (INSTEAD of a list which should include Zimbabwe, Russia, Syria, Turkey, Somalia, China, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, to name but a few)? Really. 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel, … because they ignore that Israel has tried more than once and certainly more than the Palestinians to create a State of Palestine! 
After all who rejected Peace at Camp David? 
The Palestinian leadership did. The “occupation” exists today ONLY because it was more important for Arafat and his cronies to destroy Israel than create a State of Palestine 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they say Israel has committed Genocide. 
Yet they ignore the intentional use of suicide bombers against Israeli civilians, which is, without a doubt, a crime against humanity. The intentional attempt to kill civilians is illegal according to the Geneva Convention.
Yet Hamas specializes in the intentional attempt to kill Israeli civilians. Hamas started its suicide bombing spree right after the signing of the Oslo Peace accords in a direct attempt to sabotage peace. All along the great peacemaker Arafat secretly added them any time Israel did not give him exactly what he wanted. 
The boycotters of Israel aren’t going to boycott the Palestinians or Hamas. Nor will they boycott the Palestinians for intentionally shooting more than eight thousand rockets into Southern Israel after Israel withdrew civilians and the IDF from the Gaza strip. 
Intentionally shooting rockets into civilian centers as Hamas does from Gaza is a human rights violation and a crime against humanity. IT IS ILLEGAL IN THE GENEVA CONVENTION! 
Of course the boycotting world doesn’t seem to care the lives and mental state of Israelis in southern Israel! 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they still harp on Israel’s alleged role during the violence perpetrated in Lebanon on the Palestinian refugee camps of Sabra and Shatilla in 1982, despite the fact that Israeli soldiers didn’t kill a single Palestinian refugee in those camps!
The killers in Sabra and Shatilla were ARAB, MARONITE, CHRISTIAN, PHALANGISTS! 
Could the IDF have stopped them? Probably; but at the cost of an important ally. 
The point is simple though: it was Arab killing Arab. Yet these boycotters have no intention of boycotting Lebanon, or its Christian President. 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim Israel is racist since her character is Jewish. 
Israel is racist only because she is the Jewish State? 
Yet Egypt, which in its constitution clearly states it is an ARAB, MUSLIM republic is not racist and doesn’t warrant boycotting? 
Jordan and Syria have the same clauses is in their governmental manifestos. 
Lebanon goes even further: the constitution of Lebanon clearly states "Lebanon is Arab in its identity and in its associations." 
Iran is the ISLAMIC republic; no one is boycotting Iran because of that. 
Most EU countries are by definition Christian, hence the need for Chief Rabbis of the country, something not needed in America. Yet Israel should be boycotted?
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because, while condemning Israel for human rights violations that she does NOT commit, they simultaneously disregard when these same crimes are carried out by the Palestinians, Arabs and/or other Muslim countries. 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because instead of condemning Israel they should be condemning Syria for the atrocities being executed on a daily basis there. 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they claim they want to fix past wrongs, but only if those past wrongs are Israeli.
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because they talk of seven hundred thousand Palestinian refugees created out of Israeli Independence. 
Yet they fail to acknowledge that MOST of those refugees were created because they were following the orders of the Arab leadership to leave their homes so it would be easier for the Arab armies to carry out genocide against Israel. 
They never talk of the NINE HUNDRED THOUSAND JEWISH REFUGEES thrown out of Arab and Muslim countries. Do they boycott the Arab and Muslim countries that stole everything from their former Jewish citizens? NO! 
Boycott the boycotters of Israel … because their intent is to destroy Israel and deprive the Jewish Nation of its right to self-determination, while encouraging the creation of yet another Arab Muslim state. 
If this isn’t racism and anti-semitism, what is?

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