Thursday, July 19, 2012


By Schmoel Yitzhak

I came I saw, I conquered. -- Julius Caesar

Back in the early 1940s -- when the La Conga music craze swept America -- a popular composer did a take-off on Caesar and the Latin dance. 

He called his tune, "I Came I Saw, I Conga-ed!"

One could do yet another version of that melody now that Hillary Clinton was hugged by Simon Peres and then told Israel's President that, sorry, Jonathan Pollard never would be released. (By the way, she never even bothered to explain why. Too busy doing nothing? Hmmm?)

A less gallant soul than Peres then would have taken back his hug and showed Uncle Sam's Secretary of State the door with a not-so-gentle shove to her next futile Middle East destination.

Really, when push comes to shove, the best take-off on a take-off of a tune would be this title for Mrs. Clinton: "She Came, She Saw, She Did Gournished." (As in absolutely nothing.)

Her arrival had one -- and only one -- purpose and that was to upstage Mitt Romney's upcoming visit because every Obama administration move between now and November is geared only to get the Democrat re-elected.

Peres, Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israelis whose hands were grasped by Hillary merely were her temporary but useful photo-op stooges and the proof is in the Pollard.

Let's face it, Pollard could have -- should have -- been released long ago but Jonathan remains hostage to Obama because the president: a. Does not like Bibi; b. Does not like Israel's more realistic approach to wiping out Iran's nuclear facilities; c. Pollard remains a pawn for possible future USA-Israeli deals. Meanwhile, all Hillary did was infuriate Israel's leaders with her terse, insulting NO regarding Pollard.

Just how bad were Mrs. Clinton's reviews? 

Whew! Even the rabidly pro-Obama propaganda missive, Haaretz, put it this way about Hillary's whirlwind Israeli tour: "It belly-flopped." And that constitutes the understatement of the month.

Then again, just about every Israeli visit by a White House delegate -- if you will for the moment excuse the expression -- bombs!

The reason is obvious; despite the incessant rocket blitz from Gaza, the Sinai occupation by terrorists, the re-arming of Hezbollah and minute-by-minute bloodletting in Syria, Obama continues to genuflect before America-loathing Arabs. From the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt to the Hanan Ashrawis in Ramallah, they vie with each other over who hates Uncle Sam more. The more thay hate the Good Old USA, the more Obama tries to make nice with them.

And since Obama still doesn't get it, he pursues his Islam-kissing policy as if it's going to win him something other than another kick in the pants.

Before leaving, Hillary issued one of her fatuous, redundant suggestions. Yet again she's urging Bibi to make more reassuring gestures to Mahmoud Abbas, Inc. to lure the PA back to the negotiating table. Or, as my buddy, Gaines, would have said, "Surely, Hillary, you can't be serious!"

Or, has Mrs. Clinton not noticed that the latest Hamas-Gaza kindergarten "graduating" class includes strong incitement against Israel. The latest peace gesture has Arab kindergarten children dressed in uniforms, made to hold different types of guns, and condemning Israel.

One of the Gaza kids put it this way: "I want to blow myself up among the Zionists and kill them in a suicide bombing on a bus."

That Arab youth was scripting a real, life scene at a Bulgarian airport where Israelis were blown up on a bus.

Doesn't Clinton and her boss realize that peace with the Palestinians is both impossible and, in fact, small potatoes compared to the bigger issue, Iran. Israel has foiled endless Iranian plots but sooner or later an episode such as the Bulgarian airport carnage is apt to happen. 

How long does Obama think Bibi can restrain himself? The Democrats want Israel to stay calm until after the election. And if Obama wins, he'll dump his special brand of political quicksand over Bibi and bury Israel.

Bibi must not be concerned about American politics; Netanyahu must do what's right for his country.

In the meantime, it will be compelling to hear what message Romney brings on his upcoming trip to Jerusalem. 

Guaranteed it will be more supportive than Hillary's conga line to nowhere!

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