Monday, July 2, 2012


By Simon Fischler
Yet again, we are to be taken as fools! 

I am starting to wonder if the leaders of most of the great nations of this world give us any credit for having an ounce of intelligence? 

I also wonder if the media outlets around the world -- those that are today pandering the garbage of a possible breakthrough in Syria -- understand that not all of us are mindless drones!

ENOUGH! Syria is a disaster and the only bigger disaster than Syria is the anti-Semitic, American-Tax-payer-funded organization called the United Nations! Oh, it’s United all right, having become one huge Islamic clique!

This insanely stupid organization -- that has passed way too many bigoted resolutions against Israel solely for being the planet’s only Jewish nation (hence giving international legitimacy to anti-Semitism) -- is the same organization currently sitting on its rear-end watching a throwback Twenties and Thirties-style dictator mass murder his own population! 

I am sorry; what century are we living in again? 

And don’t you just love the flimsy excuses proliferating out of the mouths of the oh-so timid Western Powers when it comes to stopping the genocidal violence in Syria! 

Most of the excuses the Western Powers give go like this, “We cannot get involved militarily because of this thing here”, or “We cannot get involved militarily because of that thing there.” None of it makes a particle of sense, but the powers-that-be think we are stupid enough to buy it!

The best excuse, one that has been shared by most (i.e., Obamerica and her ally Britain) except, surprisingly, by the French is “We cannot get involved militarily because it will just make the violence worse.” RIGHT! 

The world is failing; there are too many evil leaders destroying the lives of people and Syria is just one blip on the UN’s disaster-laden radar screen. 

Beware Israel, if the Western World powers are too afraid to confront Russia, China and Iran when it comes to Syria, do you really think Obamerica will actually stop the Iranian BOMB?

And when it comes to Syria, the U.N. and Kofi Annan’s insanely naive and stupid peace plan, anything written on paper would best be used to clean one’s backside!

It’s all a bit like the Oslo Accords and the pieces of paper Israel got for the land it gave up to the made-up Palestinian nation!

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