Monday, April 22, 2013


By Simon Fischler

It is time the Israeli government refer to its Arab constituents and the Arabs in both Gaza, Judea and Samaria as settlers!

Arabs have alway been the true settlers!

They are the colonialists from Arabia attempting to impose their culture, laws and political movement (Islam) on the natives of the Levant and North Africa!

In fact they have no connection to what is the land of Israel today except in a dominating, aggressive and colonialist manner.

Their roots are in Arabia. Anything they have built here in Israel has been in desecration of and/or on the ruins of Israelite/Hebrew/Jewish archaeology, culture and national history!

The Arabs are no different than invading Europeans landing in North and South America and destroying the fabric of Native American culture and history. Just as the Europeans were, the Arabs are ready to lie, rape and pillage until all natives of the Levant and North Africa are either dead or have submitted. They are the Arabic "conquistadors" attempting to eradicate all cultures and nationalities in the way of Islam!

Why do you think Israel irks them so?

Because Israel is the return and rising up of a native, diaspora. Refugees returning to their ancient home to reclaim freedom and self-determination in the face of Islamic/Arabist colonial oppression.

They hate Israel because it is a message to the Phoenicians of Lebanon, the Copts of Egypt, The Kurds of Kurdistan, the Assyrians of Syria, the Armenians, the Berbers of North Africa that if you believe, if you maintain your cultural, ethnic and national essence, you can fight off the oppressive, Arabist/Islamic yoke!

They hate Israel because, as remote as the possibility may be, Israel is the foundation stone of a potential federated, indigenous resistance to the colonialist, Arab incursions of the Levant, North Africa and Kurdistan -- almost a millennium and a half after Mohammed began his heinous aggression.

To the Arabist Islamic political movement which seeks complete world domination, Israel is a mighty thorn in its side!

Who rejected international law set at the San Remo Conference? The Arabs.

Who rejected international law set by the United Nations resolution for partitioning part of the so-called "Palestinian Mandate" into two states for two peoples -- one Arab one Jewish? The Arabs of course!

In doing so the Arabs unabashedly rejected compromise, prosperity, security for their own people, humanity and most important, PEACE! THIS IS SOLELY THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

Only through the perpetuation of Nazism (Diplomatic anti-SEMITISM), albeit in a more subtle form, can the world twist reality, to blame Israel for the situation of the settler Arabs in Judea and Samaria.

No one can bring peace to the Middle-East, not the United Nations, America, Europe, Russia or China, until it is made clear that the Arabist Islamist quest for domination, submission and eventual destruction of Israel is unacceptable under international law.

No peace will come until foreigners and the diplomats who represent them comprehend the Arab/Islamist intent. This intent is well articulated today by Egyptian President Morsi: to make Israel submit and eventually wipe it out. Clearly the ultimate aim is to destroy this indigenous, national movement, this obstacle to their hopes of Arabist/Islamist domination of the region.

Those who think they are fighting for some oppressed native population, known today as the Palestinians, need to understand that they are merely supporters of a murderous usurping horde. They must become aware of the fact that if Israel were to fall, the Arabs would carry out the worst type of homicidal genocide.

This genocide would be on a level of the Roman attempt to destroy Jewish identity. As the Arabs have promised repeatedly, it would be completion of the Holocaust.

From there they would set their eyes on the rest of the democratic world!

Israel and its Jewish self-determination embody the only, truly successful attempt in world history when humanity came together and righted a previous wrong committed by colonialist powers against an indigenous people!

To destroy that would be to destroy humanity.

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