Tuesday, April 16, 2013


By Simon Fischler 
Watching television on Yom HaZikaron, Remembrance Day for all of the fallen citizens, soldiers and protectors of Jewish Freedom, is not easy.
 On this day as we see and hear the stories of those lost in the fight to protect Jewish democratic self-determination, it is almost as painful as remembering the six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust.
Yom HaZikaron is a painful reminder of how evil the enemies of Israel and the Jewish Nation are.
All of the souls Israel lost from the birth of the nation 65 years ago until today have been in defense against the worst type of rabid, bigoted, fascist murderers – murderers whose only purpose has always been to commit genocide against the Jews of Israel.
It is so hard to accept the knowledge that our enemies and their allies in Europe and America seek to oppress, boycott, divest and/or destroy us simply because we are Jews!
Nothing has changed in our enemies since the Shoah; the only difference today is our readiness and determination to stop those who wish to colonize and enslave Israel. 
Remembering our lost ones is hard enough, but remembering that we have lost them because Nazism is still alive and well inside of the Palestinian cause is even more painful.
Try to imagine the pain of acknowledging we will lose more of our children, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers because Jew-Hating, anti-Semites have made it their mission in life to lie, steal, and corrupt our self-determination. 
They will do anything: re-write history, lie and spread innuendo to take the freedom the Jewish Nation has fought so hard to create and maintain.
Death in defense of our nation is the price we have paid for 65 years. it is the price we must continue to pay so the Jewish Nation can maintain a haven, a safe harbor, for a free people.


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