Tuesday, April 2, 2013


By Schmoel Yitzhak

Beware the gratutious kick in the ass. -- (Famous saying often delivered by a New York City newspaper editor, circa 1956)

Israelis, who don't unfailingly tilt left on the political front know all about the gratuitous kick in the ass.

So does Benjamin Netanyahu.

Despite the fuss and fanfare that accompanied Barack Obama's visit to The Jewish State, it was evident from the get-go that the American president was coming to deliver his own not-so-subtle message designed to piss us off; which it did. 

In spades.

To begin with, Obama boycotted the Knesset. 

If that wasn't a kick in the ass -- and, mind you, not just to the MKs but to every Israeli -- then I don't know what is.

He ignored the Knesset for a twofold reason: 1. A significant number of members have not accepted his slices of verbal baloney as kosher; either for Pesach or any other day; 2. By bypassing the Knesset, Obama was telling Israelis that whether Jews like it or not, he'll only deal with leftists sure to applaud him.

Imagine Obama's gall; he boycotts the Knesset yet makes a speech at the Jerusalem International Convention Center not to a group of representative Israelis but to a carefully hand-picked -- by his leftists advisors -- audience; roughly equivalent of importing his own Democratic cronies.

Writing in the Jerusalem Post, Sarah Honig exposed the Obama fraud for what it was; an attempt to "bewitch, bother and bewilder" the Israeli public. As Honig, noted, the audience hardly was representative.

"It was mostly students," wrote Honig, "scrupulously sifted a priori and was anything but a representative Israeli aggregate."

Yet another kick in the ass was delivered by Obama, Inc. to Ariel University whose students were as Honig put it, "shamefully barred" from attending the speech. 

How dare the White House tell Israelis which universities and which colleges cannot attend his speeches. If that isn't a caste system that the likes of Martin Luther King and other African-Americans fought against, what is?

Unfortunately, those invited Israeli students were so "bewitched, bothered and bewildered" by the Obama invitation that they failed to do what they should have done; protested to the president's entourage or, better still, follow the advice urged by Honig.

"What Obama did vis-a-vis Ariel University was an affront which should have spurred fellow students into a boycott," added Honig.

Right on, but sometimes leftist hypnotism works and it sure did on this pre-Pesach cavalcade of con men supported by brain-locked liberals. 

They left Israel, returned home where at the United Nations 57 Muslim member regimes automatically, routinely deliver gratuitous kicks in the ass to Israel and America as well. 

One may correctly wonder why Obama condones such behavior with his silence. Writing in American Thinker, James Lewis offers a reasonable answer:

"Obama is all in favor of the Islamist Spring," writes Lewis, "because, whether he is Muslim or not, he is an Islamist sympathizer. There is no reasonable doubt any more.This is the worst news about an American president since the rise of Stalin, who also penetrated the U.S. with his agents."

Easily one of the most mentally-hurtful kicks in the ass delivered to Israelis by Obama arrived in his speech then he mentioned "Palestine" as if such a fictitious state actually exists. What's more his stooge-Israeli students applauded. Or, as Honig observed, there was "rapturous ovation at the mere mention of synthetic Palestine."

Synthetic it is; a hateful bunch determined in any way shape or form to assault Israel as the Arabs have attempted for centuries. 

What's so galling is that mentioning Palestine as Obama did was an affront to the Jewish state. 

Honig: "Imagine that any Arab or Muslim audience anywhere would so enthusiastically acclaim the mention of Israel."

That, my dear friends, is un-imaginable. 

Which brings me to the bottom line: Obama has sold us his snake oil and it must immediately must be disposed of like poison. 

The new Netanyahu government should not be swayed one iota by America's faux president. Bibi must be resolute in defense of his nation. When the White House agains tries to con him as it did forcing an apology to Turkey, the Prime Minister should heed the deathless words of Winston Churchill:

Never give in -- never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

Or, as they say in Brooklyn, Never take a gratuitous kick in the ass lightly!

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